Johnny Depp Is Sued For Violence Again

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Johnny Depp Is Sued For Violence Again
Johnny Depp Is Sued For Violence Again

Video: Johnny Depp Is Sued For Violence Again

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Video: Johnny Depp Scores MAJOR WIN In Case With Amber Heard! Amber Heard Johnny Depp Lawsuit Updates! 2023, February

57-year-old Hollywood actor Johnny Depp is again at the center of a scandal. It turned out that his former beloved actress Amber Heard showed the court her pictures with bruises, explaining that she faced Depp with her foreheads. Moreover, on his part, this was allegedly done on purpose.

It was this photo that was published by The Sun back in 2018, which is why Depp himself sued the newspaper for libel.

Now Amber's lawyer in Court said that it was all Depp's fault.

"Miss Heard had bruises under her eyes, injured nose and mouth, you are to blame," - said the lawyer.

However, many fans of the actor noticed something was wrong. The photo presented now in court and what was published in the media back in 2018, it would seem, are one and the same. Yes, only the bruises in the picture in The Sun are clearly finished, and the original itself is made under "favorable light for Heard."


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However, Depp still had to explain himself.

“I can explain her injuries. She threw herself at me from behind. Dodging, I turned around, covering my head, and all I could do was leave or try to keep her from the blow that she might have inflicted on me. When I did, we collided. That's all the damage … "- said the actor.

Moreover, there is one more proof of the actor's innocence. It turns out that the day after that same forehead collision, Amber was on the show with James Cordon.


A photo from that day shows that there were no injuries on her face. This information was confirmed by the stylist who painted the actress that day. She stated that there were no visible injuries on the blonde's face.

The world's favorite, Johnny Depp, continues to insist that in their relationship with Amber, she was the one who was violent.

Rambler previously reported that Depp fans are boycotting the new Pirates of the Caribbean part.

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