Everyday Life Of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk: Daughter Gives Strength In The Fight Against The Disease

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Everyday Life Of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk: Daughter Gives Strength In The Fight Against The Disease
Everyday Life Of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk: Daughter Gives Strength In The Fight Against The Disease

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For a year and a half, Anastasia has been fighting cancer. Now she is in remission, she is at home with her loved ones. "TV program" found out how the life of the actress is now arranged.

Away from viruses

The family of 49-year-old Anastasia lives in a country house in the Krekshino cottage village near Moscow, which is 21 km from the Moscow Ring Road. Nastya's neighbors are stellar: Maxim Trankov and Tatyana Volosozhar, Alexey Yagudin and Tatyana Totmianina, the families of Vladimir Vinokur, Lev Leshchenko and Natalia Koroleva. Relatives fear that someone will be able to take a photo of the actress, so walks take place behind the fence on the site. If you need to go somewhere (the actress, in particular, is taken to one of the capital's clinics for procedures), the car drives up to the house so that outsiders cannot see how Anastasia is put into the car. The family does not accept guests at home - the artist should never come into contact with any virus, because her body is too weakened. Therefore, Mila's daughter's birthday was celebrated in a narrow family circle. They were all their own: Anastasia's mother, beloved husband, figure skater, coach and choreographer Pyotr Chernyshev, several closest friends, older children from a previous marriage - 24-year-old Anna and 20-year-old Michael. There was also a nanny who helps the family with the child. At the beginning of the year, the doctors supported the artist's desire to move home from the clinic as soon as possible, because it is the child who gives Nastya the necessary emotions and mood. At home next to the actress around the clock someone from the family. Anastasia's husband, of course, is absent for work, but he spends all his free time with his wife and daughter.

Makeeva's harsh words

It is worth noting that at the end of October an unpleasant moment arose that upset the peace of mind of Nastya and her loved ones. Actress Anastasia Makeeva in an interview for one of the shows on YouTube, talking about her unsuccessful IVF attempts, suddenly said:

“I, of course, am afraid, but I will do it anyway, because this is the only chance. I was thinking about a surrogate mother. As far as I remember, Nastya Zavorotnyuk had surrogacy, but this did not help her much. Someone will die of cancer, but give birth to a child, someone will not give birth at all. I treat this fatally: as it will be - so it will be."

Friends Zavorotnyuk were outraged by such a statement by Makeeva, who is not a member of the family's close social circle and speaks so sharply about serious illness and death. Moreover, Anastasia gave birth to Mila herself - the girl was born in the Lapino Clinical Hospital.

Five months after giving birth, Nastya said that there were no health problems. When deciding on a third child, she bypassed a number of doctors:

"I passed all the necessary examinations from doctors, received their approval and confirmation that everything is fine."

The first difficulties with health Zavorotnyuk began about seven months after giving birth, now there is a struggle for life with glioblastoma - a malignant brain tumor.

The actress is now lucid. Of course, the actress underwent changes in her appearance, which are inevitable after courses of treatment for oncology.

Zavorotnyuk also went through traditional methods of fighting the tumor, it is planned to use the latest methods of fighting the disease. Nastya follows the news, communicates with friends on the phone, loves to talk to her father. She recently contacted Andrei Malakhov - she wanted to go out by telephone on the air of the program "Hello, Andrei!" during the filming of the release for the birthday of Nikolai Baskov. The call, unfortunately, fell through, but Nikolai expressed the thoughts and feelings of many fans of the actress:

“I want to wish Nastya from the bottom of my heart the most important thing and tell her that she is needed. We need her - beautiful, fiery, bright, always cheerful.If people who are struggling with a serious illness do not give up and set a definite goal for themselves, then great miracles happen."

I really want a similar miracle to happen in Anastasia's life.

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