Intimacy Was: Another Actress Declared Herself Tarzan's Mistress

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Intimacy Was: Another Actress Declared Herself Tarzan's Mistress
Intimacy Was: Another Actress Declared Herself Tarzan's Mistress

In the scandal around the betrayal of Tarzan (Sergei Glushko), a new face appeared: an actress and a speech technique coach, who appeared in the program "Actually". There she stated that she had a long-term love affair with the artist.


The 42-year-old actress said during the program that she met Tarzan when she taught him the technique of speech for the play "Casanova". According to the woman, she offered her services, but the business relationship quickly grew into a love relationship.

The interlocutor in the show emphasized that she was not going to prove anything to anyone, like the artist's "first mistress", who was even going to defend her truth at the legal level and added new details and revelations to the story, causing outrage among the public.

According to the participant in the show, she is not interested in and does not need to be PR on the celebrity scandal: she came to the program supposedly to point out to her "predecessor" that you cannot destroy other people's families.

- Intimacy was five or seven times for a year and a half,

- said the actress, quotes her words "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

In addition, the woman also made public the correspondence allegedly between her and her husband Koroleva. There he called her "cat" and joked on frank topics.

- I have a suit with wings for my mistress,

- read the lines that the actress attributes to Glushko.

At the same time, the first responded to the words of the "second mistress". She allegedly came to whitewash herself on the show "Actually", and the new woman "ruined everything" for her. The stars themselves did not comment on the new, bold statements from the Russian woman.

Recall that the excitement around the personal life of Koroleva and Glushko began several months ago. Then information appeared in the media that celebrities went to the police because of the loss of money and jewelry from the house. However, at the same time, the media reported that two strangers came to Tarzan while the singer was in the south. The dancer himself soon recorded a video message on Instagram, where he admitted that "an incident occurred" and he really cheated on his wife.

The couple decided to interview Ksenia Sobchak, and Natalya Koroleva admitted that she had forgiven her husband.

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