Banquet For 1 Million Rubles: How Much Money Do Stars Spend On Their Birthdays

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Banquet For 1 Million Rubles: How Much Money Do Stars Spend On Their Birthdays
Banquet For 1 Million Rubles: How Much Money Do Stars Spend On Their Birthdays
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Despite the quarantine, some artists continue to celebrate birthdays on a regular basis.

We've come up with a stellar birthday estimate by looking at some of the highlights of the past few months.

Banquet - from 500 thousand to a million rubles

Laysan Utyasheva on her 35th birthday received a gift from her husband Pavel Volya a gorgeous banquet, one of the key elements of which was a luxurious cake.

The banquet is usually of two types. The first one is based on the cuisine and service of the restaurant where the celebration takes place.

For example, her husband Pavel Volya organized the 35th birthday of Lyaysan Utyasheva in the restaurant "Chalet Berezka". By the way, Volya told the guests: you can have a full blast without fear, since the cameras in the banquet hall are sealed. Prices in this restaurant on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway for the banquet menu are decent: salad with Kamchatka crab and avocado (250 g) - 1750 rubles, chicken breast stuffed with porcini mushrooms (180 g) - 700 rubles, "Lamb on the bone" shashlik (250 g) - 1650 rubles.

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The second type of banquet is off-site. Catering is more expensive: all the waiters are now working in masks and are undergoing temperature control. Some stars instruct waiters to be tested for coronavirus before the party. The most chic banquet of this fall with an exquisite menu was in honor of the 35th birthday of hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. A banquet for 60 - 70 people often costs from 500 thousand rubles to 1 million rubles.

Performances by artists - from one to three million rubles

Toastmaster, contests, disco with stars are indispensable attributes of a star party. But Nadezhda Babkina, for example, did not spend on all this - on her 70th birthday, the guests danced to the vocals of the artists of the Russian Song theater, which is directed by the hero of the day. Babkina's toastmaster was also a friend - the most popular artist in this genre, Nikolai Baskov.

The same is with Jasmine: her friend Lyubov Uspenskaya gave a concert on her 43rd birthday last week. But on Alexander Ovechkin there was a paid parade of stars - Dmitry Malikov, Polina Gagarina and other artists. Naturally, they sing at "friends" with discounts - up to 50%. But the top artist still takes a lot for performing at a corporate party - from one to 2.5 million rubles.

Hall rental - 400 thousand rubles

The Orion Hall banquet hall on Michurinsky Prospect, where Alexander Ovechkin walked, is spacious, as much as 700 square meters. You can only rent such places completely and only by paying 400 thousand rubles. Elite restaurants in Moscow often close their establishments for special services without additional payment, but with the following conditions: an order for a guest - at least 10 thousand rubles (without alcohol, which is almost always allowed to bring your own). In this case, the total amount for the menu is at least half a million rubles. Babkina, by the way, also saved on rent - they walked in the hall of her theater "Russian Song".

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