If I Tell You Who The Father Of Loboda's Child Is, They Will Hang Me

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If I Tell You Who The Father Of Loboda's Child Is, They Will Hang Me
If I Tell You Who The Father Of Loboda's Child Is, They Will Hang Me
Video: If I Tell You Who The Father Of Loboda's Child Is, They Will Hang Me
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The reason was a frank interview with the former organizer of the singer's tour in Russia, Stas Pshenitsyn, aired in the program "Ukrainian Sensations" on one of the largest TV channels in "Independent" 1 + 1.

“As far as I know, Loboda and Krapivina made every effort to remove this issue of Ukrainian Sensations from all possible sources,” Stas Pshenitsyn told Express Gazeta. - The program came out on Sunday evening. And already on Monday afternoon, she disappeared from everywhere. Everyone knows that the 1 + 1 channel is owned by the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. And if the program was removed from there, it means that people no less influential in Ukraine than he were involved in this. It should not be forgotten that Natella's dad is V

There was pressure from the artist and me. After the release of the program, people close to Loboda called me from among the current organizers of her concerts. “Why did you give this interview, and even on Kolomoisky's channel? they asked me. - There is a conflict of serious people. They will sort it out among themselves. And you will be extreme. " It turned out that Loboda considered this program to be ordered by the Ukrainian singer Tina Karol. Sveta had a feud with her for a long time on the basis of professional jealousy. And Tina in the get-together was just connected with the owner of the 1 + 1 channel Kolomoisky and even said that they were lovers.

In fact, there was no order. I think Loboda was offended that I told the truth about her. When we started working with her three years ago, Sveta was already considered a superstar in Ukraine. But in Russia, she was not needed in FIG. And he and Natella really wanted to enter the Russian market. I heard the song "Your Eyes", which had never been heard anywhere, and I believed that it could shoot. I came to the former director of Nadezhda Babkina, Vitalik Yelkin, and offered to do Loboda together.

We started staging her concerts in different cities for our own money and launching advertisements. Tickets sold with varying success. Nevertheless, at first, Sveta was happy with everything. She even agreed to reduce her fee. If in Ukraine her performance cost 13 thousand euros, then she worked for us for only 600 thousand rubles. But as soon as “Your Eyes” started spinning and things went uphill, instead of gratitude, he and Natella began to twist our arms.

Snow, lifts and kebabs

- In just a few months Loboda's fee has grown several times. The team that went on tour with her increased from 11 to 23 people and even began to include a personal photographer and videographer who filmed for her Instagram, continues our interlocutor. - At the request of Sveta and Natella, we constantly had to change hotel rooms and cars. Either they didn’t like the color of the wallpaper in the room, or they didn’t like the driver because he smelled bad. In case of non-fulfillment of their whims, they were threatened with cancellation of concerts and fines.

Because of this, our expenses have grown exorbitantly. And even if the concerts were sold out, in fact we did not earn anything from them.

Then Krapivina started producing Diana Arbenina, who at that moment was in her worst shape. She practically did not have concerts. “If you want to continue working with Sveta, give concerts to Diana! - Natella set us a condition. - Sveta is a steam locomotive. And Diana will follow her with a trailer. Then I'll let you work out all the costs. " We made Arbenina a concert on a ship in St. Petersburg and a few more performances. We lost about 4 million rubles on this. But nobody gave us to work out and return this money.

Gradually, the demands of Loboda and Krapivina became more and more absurd.In an interview with Ukrainian Sensations, I told how Natella blamed me for snowing in Cheboksary on the eve of the concert. “Do you want to freeze me the artist ?! - she was indignant. “You’ve got a five thousand dollar fine. Otherwise, Sveta will not appear on the stage. " And there were many such situations. Once on the plane Loboda called the stewardess and said in all seriousness: “Turn the engines down! Their noise prevents me from sleeping. " Actress Tatyana Vasilyeva flew with her in business class. Then she wondered: "Who is this girl anyway ?!" And in Nalchik, Sveta demanded that the fountain and the elevator be turned off at the 10-storey Sindika hotel. The owner of the hotel was the president of Kabardino-Balkaria. He was contacted in Moscow. And he went to meet the singer. At the same time, many guests at night rested in a karaoke located in the basement of the hotel. And they had to walk up to their rooms.

And Loboda parted with us completely ugly. During the tour in Irkutsk, they took her to Lake Baikal, rode on a motor ship and grilled her shashliks. She and Natella then got high, called Vitalik and me and said: “Guys! We have never had better organizers than you. We will work only with you."

And then Sveta flew to America. There she found out that she was pregnant. Because of this, she had to completely abandon all stimulants. Imagine what a withdrawal she had! Moreover, against the background of pregnancy! She did not have an angelic character before. And after returning from America, she became quite a shrew. Before the performance in Kazan, due to the lateness of her team, our administrator gave them daily allowance only at the concert venue. Some of them complained to Sveta. And this became a pretext for breaking up with us. And the concerts were scheduled and agreed for eight months in advance. Our partners in the regions have already partially made an advance payment. With this prepayment, we closed the financial holes that arose due to the exorbitant demands of the artist. Then they hoped to recoup at the expense of future concerts. And Sveta announced that we allegedly charged these concerts without her knowledge, and refused to work them out. As a result, we got 200 thousand dollars. To pay off, they got into huge debts. Some people from the regions still owe money.

Secret disease

- Earlier, I was already interviewed about Loboda by Russian TV channels. But only some little things were broadcast, - says Stas. - For example, in the program of Lera Kudryavtseva "Stars converged" about the complexes of stars, I talked about how the singer worried about her appearance and at concerts used foam pads on the buttocks and chest, as well as three hairpieces on her head. I personally carried a box of these accessories in my carry-on luggage from city to city. And before concerts, her make-up artist ran with them. Now Sveta seems to have pumped up her forms. And then her bones were sticking out. She was as terrible as three basements. A transvestite dying of dystrophy with three hairs on her head. It is unclear who called her a sex symbol. After this program, Natella posted an angry post on Instagram: “It's not Sveta's foam ass, but you have foam rubber instead of brains. Born to crawl cannot fly. " I wrote to her in a personal: “Who would speak! It's easy to take off when your dad has a private jet. " But she said nothing. And I did not continue the scandal publicly.

In "Ukrainian Sensations", as I was told, Loboda and Krapivina were especially outraged by the mention of the artist's use of a phonogram and the use of stimulating substances. But this is absolutely true! I did not say that Loboda performed only under plywood. She performed some songs as a double track, that is, she sang live over plywood. And only a couple of songs she went to full advantage. And about the substances, I have not yet told the whole truth in the program. When there was a scandalous transfer of three concerts of Loboda at the Crocus City Hall, which was organized by the production center of Grigory Leps, it was announced that she was allegedly hospitalized and had an operation. In fact, there was no operation.She just had an overdose. She and Natella did not have time to rehearse the new show. We practically did not sleep. And to maintain themselves in working order all day and night, they sat on the powder.

As for the grass, Loboda used it constantly. Before each concert, I hammered her joints in the dressing room myself, and she smoked them before and after the performance. Moreover, if Sveta was still hiding the grass in a jar of cream, then Natella carried a huge bag right in her hand luggage and through the VIP hall, where no one was checking her, she calmly went on the plane.

Once Loboda and I smoked after a concert at a hotel in Makhachkala. "Why are you drinking?" - Sveta asked me. I wanted to tell her: "How can I work with you without this?" But he said nothing. “If you hadn’t been drinking, you would have lost weight right away,” she persisted. "It would be better if I smoked!" “When I smoke, I want to eat even more,” I explained. “If you ever tell journalists about this conversation, I’ll kill you,” Loboda warned me then. But the journalists knew very well about her passion for stimulants even without me. Just before the "Ukrainian sensations" no one dared to raise this topic.

The most interesting is ahead

“For some reason, most of the media tries not to offend the artists,” Pshenitsyn throws up his hands. - For example, everyone knows that Philip Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov are ***** and. But on television, no one will talk about it. Everyone talks about their women and asks them when they get married. Likewise, do not touch Loboda. Perhaps they are afraid of her patrons. I'd rather not name these people. If I say who the father of Loboda's child is, they will indeed hang me the very next day. I will cite only one illustrative episode. Even during our joint work, Sveta spoke at a corporate party, which was organized on one of the islands by one of the aides to the President of Russia. She was invited there through Baskov. The last seat in the business class remained on the plane. He was given to Loboda. Basque himself flew in economy and was not indignant. Sveta did not like the villa where she was settled. Made a scandal. And she was not sent away. On the contrary, they immediately changed the apartment.

People who called from Loboda suggested that I record a video message refuting the "Ukrainian sensations", they say, I confess, I was wrong, I lied. They even promised money for this. If I had given 200 thousand dollars, which Yelkin and I had lost, maybe I would have agreed to return my grandmothers. But Loboda was not ready to pay that much. Instead, its representatives began to threaten me: “You angered people several times more seriously than Kolomoisky. You're going to have big problems. We will sue you. We will close the entrance and exit abroad. We will completely cut off the oxygen."

These threats made me angry. And I have something to answer them. I was recently approached by people from one of the YouTube channels and said that from my stories you can make another program that will collect more than a million views. Work is currently underway on this program. There will be even more scandalous facts. I'm not afraid of Loboda and Krapivin. The further people go over their heads, the more they are confident in their own impunity. But someday it will end. As the saying goes, no matter how much the string twists, there will always be an end.

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