“Arranged Horror! Disgraced "

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“Arranged Horror! Disgraced "
“Arranged Horror! Disgraced "
Video: “Arranged Horror! Disgraced "
Video: The Nightmare of Our School or Bones of Fate. Horror stories for the night. Scary stories at night. 2023, February

In a recent interview, 44-year-old Anastasia Volochkova was asked why in her autobiographical book "Paying for Success", in which Nikolai Baskov, the prima donna of Russian show business and composer Igor Nikolaev were mentioned, she did not say a single word about the current wife of Konstantin Bogomolov. In a conversation with reporters, the birthday girl asked a question in return why she should devote lines to "no one knows to whom."

According to the artist, she is connected with Ksenia Sobchak only by the fact that once she had the imprudence to let the TV presenter into her mansion, hospitably opening the doors of her house for her. The ex-lover of businessman Suleiman Kerimov clarified that she provided the socialite with all the necessary material in order for her to do a good interview. However, in the end, Anastasia was disappointed with the end result of their long conversation.

“She gave me such horror! She behaved absolutely shamelessly. Disgraced, "- said Volochkova in an interview with 7days.ru.

According to Anastasia, her book "Paying for Success" was not originally about show business stars. At the same time, the birthday girl clarified that she was familiar with many celebrities of the national stage. In the book, Volochkova told a personal story about what a thorny path she had to overcome in order to win her place under the sun.

Anastasia has no doubts: many men in her place would simply break down. According to the artist, they can only envy her self-control, restraint, courage, courage and endurance.

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