How Much Do Russian Stars Earn On New Year's Corporate Parties

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How Much Do Russian Stars Earn On New Year's Corporate Parties
How Much Do Russian Stars Earn On New Year's Corporate Parties

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Depending on the thickness of the wallet, you can order pop hits, young rappers and even covers from a group of pipers for the event.

By mid-December, the number of tours around the country by famous performers tends to zero. And it's not about a sharp drop in demand. The stars began to prepare for the New Year's Eve "chache" - corporate parties, which often bring more money into the pockets of performers than touring tours.

One of the most expensive and well-earning stars of the Russian scene remains Svetlana Loboda. The cost of her performance reaches 14 million rubles - for those wishing to "order" a star on New Year's Eve. On other, less significant days, Svetlana is ready to give two or three small concerts a day at events. Their cost reaches 4.9 million rubles.

Those to whom you serve more heartfelt songs can be invited to a corporate party Grigory Leps with the invariable "Glass on the table". It will cost about 100 thousand euros to feel the tavern swagger and charisma of the singer, and by the end of the month the performer's fee will jump by 20%.

Scandalous Sergey Shnurov ready to speak at a private event for 10.5 million rubles. To this should be added the cost of a star rider in a considerable million rubles. The direct performance of the Leningrad team on the night from 31st to 1st will already cost twice as much.

To listen at a New Year's event Polina Gagarina, the company will have to pay 3.5 million rubles. Moreover, as noted by the 24SMI edition, the singer's prices have not changed over the past year.

Ivan Urgant ready to joke and entertain guests at private events for 5.5 million rubles. However, on New Year's Eve, no millions will force him to tear himself away from his family - the perky TV presenter will meet 2020 only at home.

Speech at the Golden Voice of Russia private event Nikolay Baskov will result in the amount of 80 thousand euros. Moreover, the demand for a "natural blonde" closer to the New Year begins to exceed supply, so the amount of Nikolai's fees habitually creep up.

Millions of dollars will cost the performance at the corporate party of young stars of Russian show business. Rapper Aljay is ready to share with the audience performances of recitatives for 40 thousand euros. The singer Zivert will perform for one and a half million rubles. And the duet "2Mashi" will sing their perky dance hits for a modest one million rubles against the background of the fees of other artists.

Lovers of a non-standard approach can be invited to a corporate party pipers teamwho played at the FIFA World Cup. Performing covers of rock and pop hits on an unusual instrument will cost 225 thousand rubles.

There are also those who are not up to fun at corporate parties. According to 24SMI, even psychologists who give lectures are invited to corporate parties. For example, performance Mikhail Labkovsky at the event will be released in half a million rubles per hour of speech.

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