Where Is Baskov's Son Bronislav Now?

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Where Is Baskov's Son Bronislav Now?
Where Is Baskov's Son Bronislav Now?
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Back in the early 2000s, Nikolai Baskov became famous for his unique voice. He still remains one of the brightest stars of Russian show business, but few people remember that he has a son. Rambler tried to figure out how Bronislav lives now.

In the mid-2000s, Baskov and his wife Svetlana Spiegel were considered the standard of a married couple. While the singer was working, his wife was waiting for him at home from the tour. In 2006, their son was born, and two years later the lovers divorced. One of the reasons was that Spiegel was tired of being at home alone and waiting for Baskov from the tour. However, according to rumors, the singer himself is to blame for the divorce, since relations with his wife worsened after the birth of their first child.

Almost the entire country followed the trial. It lasted a very long time and was quite tense. Svetlana's influential relatives joined the divorce, thanks to whom she managed to keep her son Bronislav. After the divorce, she moved to live in another country, and Basque never saw his child.

After some time, Spiegel again married the entrepreneur Vyacheslav Sobolev. He adopted Bronislav as his own, and later his son began to bear the surname Spiegel. For ten years, Basque did not see his son, as he lived in Israel with his mother, stepfather and sister. The media say that the Spiegels periodically come to Moscow, but there is no data on whether the artist sees the child.

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