Neighbors Spoke About Korchevnikov's Health

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Neighbors Spoke About Korchevnikov's Health
Neighbors Spoke About Korchevnikov's Health
Video: Neighbors Spoke About Korchevnikov's Health
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Music critic Sergei Sosedov said that Boris Korchevnikov, the host of the program "The Fate of a Man" on the channel "Russia 1", left the program "Live" due to illness.

According to "Interlocutor", according to Sosedov, after the operation, Korchevnikov's hearing deteriorated, although he hides it in every possible way.

“Bori really has hearing problems, I have known him well and for a long time. When I talk to him, I understand that he is only pretending to hear. He replies: "Yes, yes" where there should have been a completely different reaction. He will not say that he did not hear. Therefore, he pretends to hear,”the critic shared.

Neighbors also said that when Boris was working on the "Live" program, many excesses happened due to health problems during the program.

Since the broadcast was aimed at a large number of guests, the studio was noisy. Therefore, the presenter did not hear the editors' prompts at all, although they literally "yelled" into a special earpiece.

Therefore, when Malakhov came to the channel "Russia" Korchevnikov simply gave him his place, which amazed many.

“I think he wanted to leave himself, it was hard for him to work, but the leadership kept him.”

Now Korchevnikov is conducting a calmer program "The Fate of a Man".

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