Sofia Rotaru Denied Rumors About Life In Crimea

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Sofia Rotaru Denied Rumors About Life In Crimea
Sofia Rotaru Denied Rumors About Life In Crimea

Video: Sofia Rotaru Denied Rumors About Life In Crimea

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Sofia Rotaru was at the epicenter of the scandal, without knowing it. In an interview after her performance at Atlas Weekend 2019 (Ukrainian music festival), the singer let the press out that she was going to surprise fans with new songs, and the other day she recorded a novelty, which she will present at New Wave.

Another "star" of the TV show, music critic Sergei Sosedov, reacted violently to these words. He said that Sofia Rotaru had sung all her songs for a long time. And if he sings something, then to the soundtrack. Like, she has problems with the lungs and she cannot sing live.

“That is why she lives in Crimea: there is an ideal climate for her. In all other places it is hard for her to breathe,”Ukrainian editions of Sosedov are quoted as saying.

Naturally, the singer again flew "stones" in social networks. But a couple of days later, on the air of the Ukrainian 1 + 1 TV channel, Rotaru denied these accusations:

“I have been living in Kiev for over ten years. And when the people of Kiev ask me when you will come to Kiev, I smile. I have been from Kiev for a long time and I am proud of it."

According to Ukrainian journalists, Rotaru lives in an elite district of Kiev called Koncha-Zaspa. But she still owns a house in Crimea, as well as a five-star hotel in the vicinity of Yalta.

The question of the singer's visit to the Crimea periodically worries the public. In January 2019, Sofia Rotaru's neighbors in a mansion in Crimea said that they had not seen the star for almost five years. And before that she was very fond of spending time on the peninsula, according to the TV channel "360".

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