The Stars Spoke About The "conflict" Of Pugacheva And Buzova

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The Stars Spoke About The "conflict" Of Pugacheva And Buzova
The Stars Spoke About The "conflict" Of Pugacheva And Buzova

Video: The Stars Spoke About The "conflict" Of Pugacheva And Buzova

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Video: Russian singer kicked out his daughter 2023, February

It's almost mid-November on the calendar, which means preparations for the New Year's "blue lights" have started and the first discontent crept. Like last year, this again discusses the topic that Alla Pugacheva - the most coveted trophy of all New Year's shows - allegedly asks to ban Olga Buzova from taking part in such programs. They say, New Year is a family holiday, where it is not customary to “shake watermelons”.

So unflattering, according to some media outlets, Alla Borisovna spoke about the singing host of "House-2". Olga Buzova has long earned millions from her performances.

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Olga's representative did not begin to be surprised by such news and noted in the commentary that a similar story was discussed in 2019.

“Such fake news is invented from year to year. It feels like the media are taking reasons from their heads, sucking them out of their fingers,”explained Anton Bogoslovsky, PR manager of Olga Buzovoy.

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Where is the truth in this story and what does Pugacheva care about the young performer - asked knowledgeable people. We turned to representatives of the Russian show business - who "knows the kitchen from the inside" and can shed light on a confusing story. Representatives of show business are sure that there is no conflict between Pugacheva and Buzova.

Joseph Prigogine, producer

- It's hard for me to imagine that Pugacheva, not having her own television or radio, could turn to someone so as not to shoot Buzova or someone else, - said Joseph Prigogine. - Probably, the relationship matters, but I do not think that Pugacheva will do that. Perhaps this is a "duck", it's hard for me to say.

- In general, there were precedents that someone was not allowed because of Pugacheva?

- There were, but for a long time. She is now a happy person, she no longer needs any of this.

Sergey Sosedov, music critic

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- I myself would have forbidden Buzov, even Pugachev is not a decree for me here, - Sergey Sosedov noted. - She is not an artist, she is a show-woman, a bright thing. Why invite her? Nonsense on New Year's Eve will be without Buzova.

- Purely theoretically, does Alla Borisovna have such an influence?

- Well, what influence? It is not about her and has always been not about her, but about the people who are at the helm of the TV channels. General producers, program directors of TV channels, radio stations, those who are responsible for creative content. Pugacheva has never held these positions, but the fact is that she has huge connections in this environment and, of course, she can say: I do not want this or that. But these are only her wishes, and if people follow the lead, then it is their fault.

- Do you know the stories when in show business, due to the conflict of stars, someone was banned?

- Of course, we did not forget that Pugachev herself was also banned, not allowed to go on the air. It was "Ogonyok" in 1986, everyone was allowed to sing one song, and Alla Borisovna and Sofia Rotaru two each. As a result, Pugacheva's song "White Panama" was cut out, leaving only her "Ballet" on the air. And in 1987, on the main channel of the country, they also cut out the Prima Donna's song "Wings", leaving only Kuzmin's "Carousel".

Prokhor Chaliapin, performer

- How true do you think the story with Buzova and Pugacheva is?

- I think it's not true. In our cruel time, when every artist thinks only of himself, Alla Pugacheva will not allow such an oversight to give Olga Buzova such a PR, to mention her somewhere. I think this is unlikely to her advantage, in our show business they destroy strong competitors in silence, with a smile on their face. And an open scandal gives a plus to both sides. She is an intelligent and pragmatic woman, Napoleon.

- Who do you support in this "conflict"?

- There is no conflict, this is nonsense. Olga Buzova already exists, she is a social phenomenon, I don’t undertake to throw mud at her or flatter her, she is a pleasant girl in communication. And to listen or not is everyone's personal business.Today is the time when there is a lot of slag on television, and people themselves decide what to watch. Among the 212 subscriptions of Maxim Galkin, Olga Buzova is also listed.

But what about friendship on social networks?

There is another interesting detail in this whole story - nowadays, as soon as people quarrel or get divorced, the first thing they do is press the "unsubscribe" button. Alla Pugacheva with Olga Buzova does not make friends on social networks, but the Prima Donna's husband is subscribed to the young artist, which does not quite fit into the family history.

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