To Whom Tsyganov, Arshavin, Telegin And Other Stars Left Their Pregnant Wives

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To Whom Tsyganov, Arshavin, Telegin And Other Stars Left Their Pregnant Wives
To Whom Tsyganov, Arshavin, Telegin And Other Stars Left Their Pregnant Wives
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Family replenishment news tends to bring spouses together. However, sometimes it happens differently - husbands start an affair on the side and leave pregnant wives. Do not trust? will tell you about five stars who find themselves in a similar situation.

Yulia Snigir

The romance of Evgeny Tsyganov and Irina Leonova began on the set of the series Children of the Arbat. Unable to resist the charm of Tsyganov, Leonova went to him from her official spouse Igor Petrenko. The stars lived in a civil marriage for more than ten years and made seven children - only the last child was born after Tsyganov left Leonova for another woman. Without waiting for the birth, the actor moved in with his new passion, Yulia Snigir, and soon they had a son, Fedor. At first, the couple avoided the attention of the press, but over time they began to shine more often in the light.

Recently, Tsyganov and Snigir appeared at the grand opening of the Moscow International Film Festival-2020. That evening it was impossible to take my eyes off Snigir. The actress eclipsed the others by stepping onto the red carpet in a bold yellow satin gown, sumptuous Bvlgari jewelry and wet styling.


For three years, the fitness trainer of Polina Gagarina and other stars of the domestic show business Vyacheslav Daichev was happy in a relationship with Alexandra Sivkova, who once danced in the show ballet of Philip Kirkorov. The couple planned to get married and were waiting for their first child, as Daichev, unexpectedly for Sivkova, announced that he was in love with another - an ex-member of the "Star Factory" and ex-girlfriend Timati Alex. Not afraid of condemnation from others, lovers began to actively share romantic photos and videos on Instagram.

On July 8, Sivkova gave birth to Daichev's son Timur, and two months later, the newly-made father proposed to Alex, and she, as you understand, accepted him.


Since 2013, the titled hockey player and CSKA striker Ivan Telegin has been in a relationship with the dancer Evgenia Nour. For the sake of her boyfriend, Noor ended her past relationship, quit her job in nightclubs and soon became pregnant. The lovers were going to legalize the relationship, but it never came to marriage - on the eve of the birth, Nour learned about Telegin's romance on the side. The athlete began to look after Pelageya, who is five years older than him, and soon finally left for her. In 2016 they got married, and a year later their daughter Taisiya was born.

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However, this marriage was not long - three years after the wedding, Pelageya announced her breakup with her hockey player, and this spring she officially filed for divorce. The spouses did not manage to disperse peacefully: they cannot divide the property on their own, and their friends and relatives cannot stop the enmity and mutual accusations.

Alisa Kazmina

The famous football player and former captain of the Russian national team Andrei Arshavin lived in a civil marriage with TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya for about nine years. Their relationship developed rapidly: the lovers quickly began to live together, in 2005 their son Artem was born, and three years later, their daughter Yana was born. A few years later, Baranovskaya again found herself in an interesting position, and five months later Arshavin left her for another woman. Subsequently, it turned out that the journalist and model Alisa Kazmina became the athlete's new darling. The couple got married in 2016, a year later their daughter Yesenia was born, and six months later they divorced.

Marina Anisina

Nikita Dzhigurda left his common-law wife Yana Pavelkovskaya when she was in the last months of pregnancy. The couple lived together for about 12 years, raised their son Artemy-Dobrovlad and expected the birth of Ilya-Maximilian.Dzhigurda's new darling was his ice show partner Marina Anisina - he married her in the same year when Pavelkovskaya gave birth to his second son. In 2016, the couple divorced after eight years of marriage and the birth of two children.

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