Kirkorov Surprised Fans With An Abundance Of Gray Hair

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Kirkorov Surprised Fans With An Abundance Of Gray Hair
Kirkorov Surprised Fans With An Abundance Of Gray Hair
Video: Kirkorov Surprised Fans With An Abundance Of Gray Hair
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They began to make fun of the artist and reminded him that dreadlocks should be removed on time.

Philip Kirkorov always surprised fans with thick hair. From the very beginning of his career, he appeared before the audience with a voluminous hairstyle for medium hair. For many years, the man experimented with the image and was not afraid of extravagant styling.

Over the years, bald patches began to appear on the artist's head. Experts on the network vied with each other that the performer had solved this problem by using a hair follicle transplant service. Philip did not comment on this information, but the changed hairline spoke in favor of this version.

Over the years, the man did not change his habits and with great pleasure continued to experiment with hairstyles. For example, in a video filmed with Dava, fashionable dreadlocks were braided to Kirkorov. Black threads were woven into the braids to imitate long strands.


In the video itself and at the presentation, the man looked beyond praise. His hairstyle won over many. A few days after the event, the performer went to Europe at sea.

Like many others, on vacation, a man does not really care about styling products. As a result, fans were able to see what his fantastic dreadlocks look like in real life. It turned out that in a few weeks the man's hair was a branch. He did not take off his dreadlocks. It turned out that at the moment Kirkorov has all gray hair.

And although there is nothing shameful in this problem - it will affect everyone, followers do not stop making memes. Some actively create collages from before and after photos, others remind the king of the pop scene that dreadlocks need to be removed on time.

Philip Bedrosovich has not yet commented on what is happening, but given that he does not hesitate to publish such pictures on the network, he absolutely does not care about the opinion of fans.

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