Kirkorov In Swimming Trunks Delighted The Fans

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Kirkorov In Swimming Trunks Delighted The Fans
Kirkorov In Swimming Trunks Delighted The Fans

53-year-old Philip Kirkorov is currently on vacation in Greece. The King of Pop is at the Elounda resort with his children - son Martin and daughter Ella Victoria.

Today, the artist showed how to ride a flyboard (a board that lifts a person above the waves due to strong jets of water under pressure). For Kirkorov, this trip was his debut. The singer posted a video in which he rushes over the water, tries to maintain balance and even falls (which the maestro is not at all embarrassed about).

"Friday - she's so … Unpredictable, dangerous, crazy and always on the top!" - wrote Philip and wished his fans to spend Friday as "unrestrained".

Fans were delighted not only by Kirkorov's courage, but also by his figure. “Legs are fire”, “You are the king in everything,” the followers praised the star. Many noted that the performer directly radiates positive, and everyone should be equal to him.

Elounda resort is located on the island of Crete. This town is a true traveler's dream: there is a picturesque sea and mountains, developed infrastructure, a number of attractions (including the ruins of the Roman port of Olus and the ancient city of Dreros) and an optimal climate. No wonder Elounda was chosen by Russian celebrities. Recently, Sergey Lazarev, Ani Lorak and her daughter Sophia and other stars have rested here.

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