The Loudest Scandals Of Kirkorov

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The Loudest Scandals Of Kirkorov
The Loudest Scandals Of Kirkorov
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On April 30, the king of Russian show business turns 53 years old. During this time, he appeared on stage in many roles, but there were also dark periods in his career. Philip Kirkorov is known for his high-profile scandals, which were discussed throughout the country. Rambler has collected the most famous of them.

Beaten Shevchuk

One of the first high-profile scandals of Kirkorov occurred in 2003. Then the leader of the DDT group, Yuri Shevchuk, actively opposed the use of phonograms on the Russian stage. He even suggested that artists who sing to "plywood" indicate this on the poster. As a result, the musicians met in one of the hotels in St. Petersburg and a fight ensued between them. According to the media, Shevchuk himself began the conversation and told Kirkorov everything he thought about him. The result of the conflict was the knocked out tooth of the DDT leader.

Pink blouse

On May 20, 2004, one of the biggest scandals in the life of Kirkorov took place. His press conference with journalists was held in Rostov-on-Don. One of the girls Irina Aroyan asked the artist why there are so many remakes of songs in his repertoire. After a short dialogue with a journalist, Kirkorov lost his temper. First, he listed his original songs, and then said: "I do not want you to photograph me! You bore me! I am annoyed by your pink blouse." When the journalist left the hall, the artist's bodyguards detained her and took away the recorder. As a result, Kirkorov paid a fine of 60 thousand rubles, and music channels and radio stations boycotted the singer for a long time.

Beating in the Kremlin

In 2010, at the rehearsal of the "Golden Gramophone" in the Kremlin, Kirkorov again did not restrain himself. On stage, the artist did not like that the light from the spotlights shone strongly into his eyes. The director of the event, Marina Yablokova, eliminated the problem, but it seemed to the king of show business that she had been doing it for too long. as a result, a verbal skirmish began between them, and after Kirkorov left the stage and beat the girl. She filed a lawsuit, but at that time the singer went to a psychiatric clinic in Tel Aviv for treatment, then Yablokova withdrew the claim, but later changed her mind again due to numerous hematomas and concussions. As a result, the roar managed to negotiate with her on "special conditions", which are still unknown.

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