Children Of Stars Who Never Became Their Family

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Children Of Stars Who Never Became Their Family
Children Of Stars Who Never Became Their Family
Video: Children Of Stars Who Never Became Their Family
Video: The Science & Theology Proving Kids Need a Mom AND a Dad | Guest: Katy Faust | Ep 482 2023, February

Parenting takes time and a lot of effort. Creative people who devote a significant part of their lives to a career are not always ready to pay attention to their heirs and educate them. Often, celebrities are only nominally fathers and mothers, in fact, they do not see their offspring for years, and sometimes they completely stop communicating with them.

1. Alexander Semchev and his son Pavel met on a television show. Alexander could not hide his disappointment that a guy with whom they never spoke appeared in front of the cameras.

2. Alexander Malinin and his daughter Kira. Kira was born by the former wife of Alexander, singer Olga Zarubina. The singer saw his daughter when she was already over 20, but never managed to establish a relationship with her. The endless television broadcasts, in which Olga Zarubina tries to force Alexander to communicate with her daughter, add to the scandalousness of the story.

3. Alexander Serov and his daughter Christie. For a long time, no one knew about the girl, but some time ago, Christie's mother initiated a scandalous investigation that spilled over to television screens. Alexander, from whom Christie and her mother are demanding millions in compensation for unpaid alimony, refuses to recognize the newly-born daughter.

Watch the video and find out about the difficult relationship between Alexander Tsekalo and his daughter Eva, Natalia Fateeva with her daughters and son, Yuri Smirnov with her son, Yuri Stoyanov with his sons.

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