Ksenia Shevchenko-Syabitova: "Mom Has A Climax, And She No Longer Wants Men"

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Ksenia Shevchenko-Syabitova: "Mom Has A Climax, And She No Longer Wants Men"
Ksenia Shevchenko-Syabitova: "Mom Has A Climax, And She No Longer Wants Men"

Video: Ksenia Shevchenko-Syabitova: "Mom Has A Climax, And She No Longer Wants Men"

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A month ago, Roza Syabitova underwent an operation to remove the uterus due to a tumor that had formed. The neoplasm, fortunately, turned out to be benign and the life of the TV matchmaker from "Let's Get Married!" nothing threatens. How mom feels now, told her daughter Ksenia, who works as her director.

- Mom looks great, but does not want a man anymore. She already does not need a man physically. Now health is the main thing, the operation was complicated. She is 58. Climax, retirement soon, old age, - says Ksenia Shevchenko-Syabitova. - Her cleaning lady is annoying in the house, what can I say about a stranger? Mom is good with herself. She was used to it like that. It is good for her to be alone with animals, it takes a lot of work that she loves. Previously, my mother was looking for a life partner, but now she stopped - she realized that it was a useless occupation.

- But you are so loving - you got married for the second time!

- It happened. Everyone is wrong. Not everyone succeeds on the first attempt to find their person. After the divorce, everything fell out of my hands. For a while, she ceased to control her life - hence all the nasty things. I went to a psychologist - and it helped me. Conclusions made. I don’t know if my first husband Andrey made any conclusions. Maybe not. He's not a gigolo - just a fool. Received nothing after the divorce, did not earn anything at my expense. Why got married is a question for me. His family deprived him of his inheritance due to the fact that he divorced me.

Before marriage, we lived according to the rules - separately, and after that Andrei did not begin to live with me. He said that our apartment has bad energy.

Mula lit up my apartment, recited namaz. But Andrey didn't like something anyway. I suffered for a year, and then divorced.

- The new husband, I hope, is not so strange?

- We have known Maxim for several years. It was important for him that we signed with him, that I bear his last name. We earn about the same, we live in the apartment of my grandparents - there is a lot of cleaning in my three-ruble note for me.

- They say you are expecting a child

- And you too! I'm not pregnant! During the quarantine, she recovered greatly and became fat. Of course, I want to become a mother, but it won't be in the next year. Now I go in for sports to lose weight and look normal.

- Have you thought about liposuction?

- I am still 28 - this is not so much to resort to surgical intervention. One of my friends once, either jokingly or seriously, advised to lengthen the legs. Like, I'm too small - 140 cm. But this is stupidity! I will definitely not do this. Over the years, from such an operation, the legs will simply crack, after 50 you will remain without legs at all. Now at least there are some!

- By the way, about growth. Have you ever been ashamed of him?

- No. But because of this growth, I had to leave the sport. I was engaged in diving and once hit my head hard on the side. But with my height, any man will suit me and will seem tall.

- Is the appearance of a man important to you?

- Absolutely not. A man should understand, appreciate, respect, love you - that's what is important. Mom in a marriage agency has such requests: high growth, even teeth, such and such weight, nationality - many women choose men as an animal in the house. Character, hobbies - few people are interested in. A number of clients have overstated requirements. She is over forty, she wants to be happy and for this she needs a boyfriend ten years younger. And she does not ask herself: why does he need such an aunt? He needs a young girl of about 20 years old.

And how many dreamers come to the Let's Get Married! They say, I have several apartments, cars, but in reality I have only loans.

- The Let's Get Married program has been running for 14 years. and the ratings are still excellent. Do you think what is the secret?

- Larisa Guzeeva brought a lot to make the show take place. After all, initially the actress Daria Volga was sitting in the lead - there was no such success. Yes, we are scolded, but often out of envy.We are not "Dom-2", where stupid people sit who have not achieved anything in life.

Everyone wants to be happy. At any age. They come to our program. What if your future chosen one sees you on TV and writes! In life, what just does not happen!

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