Cuckoo Fathers: Famous Dads Who Don't Socialize With Their Kids

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Cuckoo Fathers: Famous Dads Who Don't Socialize With Their Kids
Cuckoo Fathers: Famous Dads Who Don't Socialize With Their Kids

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To be honest, a bit of the charm of these men is now lost to us forever. Circumstances vary, but giving up your own children …?

Yuri Stoyanov's sons refused to bear his patronymic and surname

Everyone knows Yuri Stoyanov as a happy family man: in his third marriage with his wife Elena, his 15-year-old daughter Ekaterina is growing up. Yuri warmly accepted his stepdaughters from his second marriage with Marina Venskaya and even calls them his own daughters.

The least fortunate of all were his own sons, Nikolai and Alexei, who were born in their first marriage, which lasted only five years. The first wife did not forgive Yuri for a new relationship and forbade him to see the children.

Yuri did not grieve for long and deleted them from his own life, without making any attempts to get closer. Alexei and Nikolai also renounced their own father, changing not only their surname, but also their patronymic, becoming Nikolai Maksimovich and Alexei Maksimovich Khlopov.

Andrey Arshavin abandons all children and hides from paying alimony

We have already written about the unworthy behavior of the famous football player and his scandalous departure from the family. The public condemned Andrei Arshavin, who left his pregnant wife Yulia and two small children without alimony and any means of subsistence. Many years have passed, Julia Baranovskaya became a successful TV presenter and achieved a court decision in favor of children, according to which a football player is obliged to deduct half of his income.

True, Arshavin behaves like a pig here, too, having already owed more than 7 million rubles to the children!

Another thing is surprising: Andrei managed to repeat the same thing with a new family. In the same way, he divorced Alisa Kazmina, having evicted her from the house along with their common daughter Yesenia. After that, our shot went over to the grown-up children from the first family, and the football player's instagram is full of photos with Artem, Arseny and Yana … Go and figure out what's going on there!

Alexander Tsekalo forgot about the existence of his daughter Eva

Showman Alexander Tsekalo does not differ in constancy and not so long ago surprised the public with another, already fourth marriage. By the age of 59, Alexander had managed to acquire three children in previous marriages. And if the younger ones, who were born in the penultimate marriage with Victoria Galushko (sister of Vera Brezhneva), became desired and loved, the firstborn was not lucky.

The first daughter, who appeared in a marriage with Lolita Milyavskaya, Alexander was not really looking forward to.

At that time, he was passionate about his career, chasing fame, and this did not correspond to the hardships of parenting. There were a lot of rumors, they say, Eva and not his daughter at all, they also said that she had autism …

Be that as it may, Alexander did not take any part in raising his daughter, and then he happily left for other relationships, closing this page of his life forever.

Alexander Malinin considers children from the first two marriages to be a mistake

The relationship of a famous pop artist with his wives and children is far from ideal. The first marriage with the participant of VIA "Singing Guitars", Inna Kurochkina, broke up after only two years. Inna had to quit her musical career in order to raise her son Nikita alone, with whom Malinin does not maintain a relationship, despite the fact that he followed in his footsteps and is engaged in a musical career (a member of Star Factory-3).

But the second marriage, with Olga Zarubina, did not work out: again a divorce from a scandal and again two years later.

Alexander Malinin did not recognize his daughter Kira, who was born in it, even after the DNA test confirmed the paternity.

Zarubina married a second time and took her daughter with her to the States, forbidding her to see her father. Malinin, however, was himself glad to forget about the second "mistake of youth", as he himself called it.

Well, the third wife, Emma Zalukaeva, stayed on the throne of Malinin's wife.In this marriage, Alexander not only raised his own twins, but also adopted Emma's son from a previous marriage, and even became a grandfather twice. And changed beyond recognition. What do you say: miracles happen, or wise Emma just can't stand dirty linen in public?

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