Queen, Muceniece And Other Stars Who Forgave Betrayal To Their Other Half

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Queen, Muceniece And Other Stars Who Forgave Betrayal To Their Other Half
Queen, Muceniece And Other Stars Who Forgave Betrayal To Their Other Half

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Some believe that it is absolutely impossible to forgive treason, others think differently. These celebrities have found the courage to give their other halves a chance to reunite after showing their infidelity.

Natasha Koroleva

Popular singer Natasha Koroleva and her husband, famous dancer Sergei Glushko, performing under the pseudonym Tarzan, recently found themselves at the center of a scandal. A few weeks ago, 28-year-old actress Anastasia Shulzhenko announced that she had a relationship with Tarzan.

The artist got tired of the attention to the star family and the discussion of their personal life, and he emotionally admitted that he had cheated on his wife. Sergei Glushko decided to put an end to the scandal with his name and recorded a video in which he spoke about how everything really happened.

“I don’t think my husband cheated on me. I explain the blowout that he arranged by the fact that he is very emotional and behaves like an adult child. I do not think that this is treason, I think that this is a setup. He was deliberately led and set up … I was more worried about him that because of his stupidity he got into such a situation. I am not making excuses for him, but this is the situation. The fattest of his joints - he brought her home. You know how many women in twenty years have called me and wrote about the affair with Tarzan, about their pregnancies, "Natasha Koroleva said in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak.

Agata Mutsenietse

The divorce of Agatha Muceniece and Pavel Priluchny became a bolt from the blue for the fans of the famous couple. Many did not expect that a strong family with two children would break up, but nevertheless it happened.

Muceniece does not hide that the cause of the incident was adultery - according to rumors, Priluchny had an affair with the star of the TV series "Daddy's Daughters" Miroslava Karpovich. Now Agatha hosts a very popular show on YouTube, where she asks various famous people about how they got through the divorce.

The new guest of the project was actress Yulia Menshova, who honestly talked about her relationship with her husband Igor Gordin. During the conversation, we also talked about the relationship between Agatha and Pavel Priluchny.

Muceniece asked her senior colleague for advice on the future, to which Menshova replied: “There is no need to guess. It seems to me that you are now very much holding on to the prospect that you will meet with Pasha again,”said the actress.

"Do you think I am holding on to this perspective?" Agatha objected.

“Well, it’s very visible,” retorted Yulia. To this Mutseniece was only able to answer with a doomed “Damn”.

Note that earlier Agatha had already hinted that she was expecting from her husband the first step towards reconciliation, for which she might have been ready, but he never did it.

Julianna Karaulova

Former soloist of the 5sta Family group and finalist of the Star Factory Yulianna Karaulova admitted that she was very worried about the betrayal of her lover, whom she was going to marry.

Ekaterina Shirinkina / Passion.ru

“A young man proposed to me, but we didn’t get married, I’m an eternally runaway bride. He cheated on me, I was very worried … Then my roof went a little, it began to seem to me that I needed him to come back to me, that this was my cross, I had to carry it. I have to endure, because I love him so much. Although with my brain I understood that this was just a wounded woman's pride, it was not love at all. I forgave him, he came back, called me the only one … But people do not change, as a rule. Sometimes you can and should forgive treason, because there are accompanying factors, and a person really has the right to make a mistake. But in that case, it was not a mistake, but something that turned into a system. I realized that I can never trust this person, I will go crazy if he does not pick up the phone, "- said the singer in an interview with the Super channel.

Angelica Varum

Leonid Agutin several years ago violently celebrated the end of the New Wave festival, to put it mildly, very upsetting his wife Angelica Varum. At the party, the musician got too carried away not only with strong drinks, but also with an unknown brunette who found herself in the same restaurant. As a result, the passionate kisses of the heated singer and his new acquaintance were filmed, the video was posted on the Web …

While many made fun of the ardent Agutin, the spouses themselves were not laughing. The artists continued to tour together, but did not even communicate outside the stage. As they later told themselves, somehow Leonid came to Angelica's dressing room, they burst into tears and … realized that ### did not want to leave.

Vera Novikova

Eastnews The marriage of Vera Novikova and Sergei Zhigunov destroyed the TV series My Fair Nanny, on the set of which the actor met the burning brunette Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Zhigunov divorced, and two years later he returned to his wife, who forgave him and accepted him. According to the actor, thanks to the trials they went through, and the subsequent reunion, he discovered many new valuable qualities in his wife that he had not noticed before.

Alisa Arshavina

Andrei Arshavin cheated on his future wife Alisa Kazmina when she was preparing for the wedding and was pregnant. For a year, the footballer met with a model named Catherine, whose husband decided to talk about Kazmina's adultery. Alice did not even think about divorce.

Instagram Alisa Arshavina

“I don’t understand why this person appeared in our life two years later. Our relationship with Andrey after the wedding and the birth of our daughter is much better. He has changed, has become completely different: attentive, caring, trying very hard for us. I was crying when this Sasha appeared, did not understand how a man could do this - ruin his family. Now everything is fine with us, I'm not going to get divorced,”she told the StarHit magazine.

As a result, the Arshavins still dispersed, but Alice still does not hide that she misses Andrei.

Roman Kostomarov

Figure skaters Roman Kostomarov and Oksana Domnina lived in a civil marriage for several years. According to rumors, Oksana dreamed of a wedding, and Roman was in no hurry to go to the registry office. As a result, Domnina started an affair with her partner in the Ice Age show, actor Vladimir Yaglych. A few months later, they broke up, and the skater returned to her former common-law spouse. In the same year, the athletes got married, and a couple of years later they had a son.

Alexander Nesterov

Several years ago, Nonna Grishaeva and Alexander Nesterov were on the verge of divorce. Then a video appeared on the Web in which Grishaeva was kissing with her colleague in the play "Warsaw Melody" Dmitry Isaev. In the end, the office romance did not destroy the marriage of Nonna and Alexander, who in interviews prefer to say only good things about each other and call their marriage happy.

Ricardo Mollo

Natalia Oreiro on the set of the television series "Among the Cannibals" had an affair with her partner, handsome and heartthrob Benjamin Vicuña, with whom they played lovers. At that time, the famous actress and singer was married to musician Ricardo Mollo, who is twenty years older than her …

Oreiro began to see her husband less often, and then completely moved to a new lover. However, a happy relationship did not work: they quarreled, and when Natalia went on tour, news appeared in the media about the new girls of the loving Benjamin. As a result, the artist returned to her husband, with whom she is now raising a son.

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