What Are The Real Names Of The Stars

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What Are The Real Names Of The Stars
What Are The Real Names Of The Stars
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Artists often use pseudonyms to perform on stage. This happens for various reasons. Sometimes his own name is difficult to pronounce or forgettable, and sometimes the artist wants his pseudonym to be more beautiful and exotic. These celebrities take the stage under the names that their parents gave them.

1. Masha Rasputina became famous back in the nineties. Outrageous behavior, revealing costumes and a deep voice have become the singer's trademark. True, Alla Ageeva, and this is the name of the performer according to the passport, it would be difficult to break through to the stage, because Alla alone has conquered the domestic public forever. Therefore, it was decided to use a pseudonym.

2. Natasha Koroleva was made a star by the composer and singer Igor Nikolaev. Having met an aspiring singer in Ukraine, he helped her settle in Moscow, and after that he married her. Cooperation with Igor made Natasha one of the favorites of the public, but the singer had to abandon the surname Rush, take a much more sonorous one - Korolev.

3. Grigory Leps charmed music lovers with an expressive manner of performance and a hoarse voice. The real surname of the singer is Lepsveridze, but even at school, classmates reduced it to a shorter Leps. When the performer began to perform, he decided that it would be difficult for the audience to pronounce and remember the real name, therefore he took his school nickname as a pseudonym.

Vera Brezhneva, Valeria, Ani Lorak, Jasmine, Alexander Marshal, Larisa Dolina, Anfisa Chekhova, Angelica Varum - all these stars are not known to us by their real names.

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