I Had No Desire To Drag Her To Bed

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I Had No Desire To Drag Her To Bed
I Had No Desire To Drag Her To Bed

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных

In honor of the 51st birthday of the singer, we decided to publish an excerpt from the book, which is dedicated to the acquaintance and development of relations between the strongest and most romantic couple of Russian show business, Leonid Agutin and Angelica Varum.

The first complete biography of the famous pop singer and musician Leonid Agutin “Leonid Agutin. Authorized Biography”was written by his mother. The book includes stories from the hospital, school, army, and from the stage, as well as the love story of Agutin and Varum.

About the first meeting of a star couple

“Angelica first saw Lenya at a competition in Yalta in 1992, when he went on stage in an unbuttoned shirt and barefoot (such a trick had never been seen) with his“Barefoot Boy”, and noted to herself that it was great, and most importantly, absolutely new and unusual: “Everyone was so smart, and he was half-dressed and behaved on stage absolutely freely and naturally. Sometimes it seemed that this was a performance of a street boy, and we, the spectators, together with a strict jury, were that huge crowd of passers-by, throwing multi-colored coins at his bare feet, dancing a tarantella rhythm that was not standard for our perception.

And I also thought that Leonid Agutin is a revolutionary phenomenon on our stage, and he will have a hard time. I wanted to pity and protect him like a woman, because it is very difficult to make a revolution in show business"

And Lenya saw Angelica even earlier at a national concert in Luzhniki. Something caught him and got stuck in his subconscious: “Then we often happened to be nearby, - said the son in an interview. - It seems that we were pushed towards each other, but we resisted. Aesthetically, I really liked her, but I had no desire to start pestering and dragging this woman into bed right now.

Angelica appeared at the presentation of Leonid Agutin's first solo album "Barefoot Boy". Seeing her, Lenya decided to donate his CD. Having signed: "To a tender creation from Leni Agutin", he passed the album along the rows of the auditorium. This disc was the first gift to Angelica, which she, returning home, listened to from beginning to end and thought: "Cool!"

Nothing but flirting

Their relationship at the time was pioneering. But something was born, wandered ?! Why not joke. Here Lenya joked once in a conversation with Yuri Varum (or maybe he was probing the ground?):

- Can you imagine if Angelica and I take and suddenly get married?

- It's so stupid, I don't even want to talk on this topic, - answered Yura (Angelica Varum's father, manager and songwriter. - Ed.).

And both burst out laughing What was Yurino's surprise when, after another tour, Lenya came to his house with a business proposal to make a duet song.

“Singing something together had already been discussed with Angelica before, and she didn’t mind. But she managed to forget about this conversation. And then suddenly Agutin himself came to visit them

Angelica loves to remember this episode.

“We have Lenya Agutin,” my dad met me at the door.

- And what happened?

Helping me to undress, dad said quietly:

- Come in, there is something to discuss

I was intrigued, didn't know what to think. After lingering for a while at the mirror, I entered the living room.

On the served table stood a crystal vase with a huge bouquet of flowers and an already half-half bottle of Hennessy cognac (here the tastes of the men coincided). They vividly discussed the project of our duet.

Daddy still tried to resist weakly:

- Why do you need it - all sorts of vulgar conversations will begin

But Lenya knew how to persuade, and even a conservative like my dad gave up. We stopped at “Korolev”, and now the three of us worked out the script for the future video.

I liked everything so much: the song itself, and the mise-en-scenes, and the atmosphere in which the discussion of the project took place, that when it was already after midnight Lenya left and the door closed behind him, I exclaimed with delight:

- Yes !!! Everything!!!"

Shocking news

“You, I heard, are going to St. Petersburg? - Lenya turned to me. - And the day before I have a performance in the same club. Is it okay if I'm late? I want to watch your concert. Would you mind?"

“He's still asking,” I thought. But she answered with restraint. In general, she graciously allowed.

In St. Petersburg, I was met by Misha Orlov, the organizer of our joint concerts. On the way, we discussed the nuances of my solo album, and already going up in the hotel elevator, he suddenly suddenly says:

- Yes, I remembered, Lenya asked me to tell you that he could not stay - he urgently flew to Moscow to his wife.

It was a bolt from the blue!.. I felt dizzy and darkened in my eyes. From weakness, my legs trembled disgustingly and gave way, and if it were not for the wall of the elevator, along which I began to slowly slide to the floor, I would have fallen.

- Is Lenya married? I did not know that!..

- He has a daughter - it came to me. “She seems to be ill, so she’s in such a rush.”

The daughter and wife that no one knew about

“In 1995, when Lena was already 27 years old, at one of the concerts he met the ballerina of the Bolshoi Theater Masha Vorobyeva, who came backstage with other Lena fans to get an autograph. I don’t think I should discuss the details of the development of these relations and condemn them. Moreover, I did not know anything about them.This happens in life - a fleeting acquaintance and pregnancy, which only the woman herself knows about

I don’t know where the name “yellow press” came from, but the “yellow word of mouth” exists similarly. I was informed that a certain woman is pregnant with Leni and is going to give birth in two or three months. I thought - another duck

But a child was born!.. Lenya became a father!.. However, he himself told me about this only a few months later, inviting Polina to the bride - that is how the young people called their child. Indeed, in the crib lay a wonderful creature, already beginning to walk, babble something and react to others. Lenya could not take his eyes off her.

But I drew attention to something else: in the parents' relationship there was no joy and that feeling called love. They gave out looks, gestures. It hurt my heart. It was clear that this marriage would not take place. And so it happened

But Lenya not only recognized the child as his own, but also fell in love with his daughter. This was the basis of the relationship and a manifestation of care for the young mother - the woman who gave him a child, albeit unexpectedly. Lenya bought them an apartment and renovated it. Now he had a place to visit from time to time in between tours. He flooded the apartment with gifts - overseas toys and outfits for the baby. The son fully provided them financially.

All this was still a mystery. We didn't say anything to anyone. The press was silent too

But one day, in another interview, Lenya himself was pierced. When asked by a journalist what he loves most, he unexpectedly replied:

- Daughter!

Everyone took such a statement as a joke, but they did not calm down and began their investigation. With Leni's consent, a large article appeared in the newspaper detailing this story.

When asked why he hides his daughter from everyone, the son replied:

- Because we, public people, have our whole life in plain sight. A person must have something of their own! But most importantly, I would like to protect my daughter from unkind looks. She is still small, does not understand anything, and a powerful energy flow of my admirers or "scolders" is already beginning to flow towards her. As an adult, I don't always feel comfortable. And why does the baby need all this? That is why he kept silent. But direct questions must be answered directly and honestly. To dodge and lie to you means to deny the child, whom I love very much.

Angelica's heart is broken

“Until that moment, I did not realize that something was happening between us.There was probably mutual sympathy. But then I realized that on this sympathy everything can end without starting, and that nothing will be so bad I have never been so bad I don’t remember how I worked on a solo album

In the summer we met at a competition in Alma-Ata, I had already sung and went backstage. And Lyonka went to the stage, naturally, in the mood of excitement for the upcoming number, I don't remember, "Barefoot" or "Black". We threw a few words like "How are you?" - "Okay." And already disengaging the fingers of outstretched hands, Lenya said:

- Well, come to the hayloft in the evening. (Is he a married man inviting me to the hayloft ?!)

- Okay, - I answer, - I'll come, only with the blacksmith.

And at the very lump in the throat.

I immediately went to the hotel, which was located next to the concert venue. Locked in the room. And then a hysteria happened to me. I heard Lenin's music, his voice and cried bitterly. I have not told anyone what I am sharing now. Even Lenya doesn't know about it"

Working in the role of Cupid. First kiss

Everything fell into place in the project of the New Year's program “Old songs about the main thing-98. Lenya invited Konstantin Ernst to make a clip-fragment from "Seventeen Moments of Spring": a secret meeting between Stirlitz and his wife in the Elefant cafe. The role of the wife was offered to me. And the sound background was supposed to be legendary, like the film itself, "The Song of the Distant Homeland" performed by Lenin. Ernst approved this idea with enthusiasm: "There will be a super project!.."

Still not knowing all the nuances of the script, I agreed.

Already at the very beginning of the episode, when, accompanied by Nikolai Fomenko (our scout), I enter the cafe, sit down half-turned to the table and, looking up, suddenly see the eyes of my husband (Colonel Isaev), my head really started spinning, and goose bumps ran through my body, which corresponded to the role, but which cannot be written in any scenario

However, when the director demanded to bare my back, which means undress to the waist, I was shocked. Probably, if we were neutral in our feelings, there would be no shock. To play the role of Stirlitz's wife is all business. But Stirlitz is Agutin!.. Lyonka!.. How to be?..

I'm under pressure:

- Let's shoot!..

I don't know how Lenya felt, but he got used to his role quickly and even with a certain courage. This is understandable, because he has been in this role since the time when such an idea occurred to him. And the whole mise-en-scene was probably invented by him.

- I say to Stirlitz: "Laziness, close your eyes"

He narrowed his eyes slyly and, as required by the script, turned away

- I undress, I covered my chest with some kind of rag, which, however, could not resist. I lean against his back and that's it.From that moment, we no longer thought about anything - neither me, nor he

Here, on the set, we kissed for the first time. And they left her after each take, holding hands. I wish these filming did not end

This is how it all started!.."

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