Agutin Infuriated Rumors Of A Divorce From Varum

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Agutin Infuriated Rumors Of A Divorce From Varum
Agutin Infuriated Rumors Of A Divorce From Varum

Video: Agutin Infuriated Rumors Of A Divorce From Varum

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Video: Хоп-хэй-Ля-ля-фа! Разоблачение тайны вокала Агутина и Варум. Вечерний Ургант. 03.12.2019 2023, February

The artist is outraged by the unfounded accusations of adultery.

Talk that the union of one of the strongest and most exemplary married couples in Russian show business is bursting at the seams began after the publication of Leonid's photographs with a young vocalist from the Voice TV show Elina Chaga.

After the completion of the second season of the project, where the singer was the mentor of the burning brunette, articles began to appear in the media that the artist and the aspiring singer had an affair.

Agutin's wife, Angelica Varum, also fueled rumors of divorce. The singer posted a sad poem of her own composition about parting with her beloved. Fans immediately associated the lyrical work with the immoral behavior of the singer's husband and felt that the marriage of the star couple was on the verge of collapse.

When accusations of marital infidelity began to pour in against the singer, Leonid could not resist and answered fans to rumors that their relationship with Angelica Varum was in crisis.

The artist denied information about his affair with a participant in the "Voice" project on his Instagram.

- Guys, what are you doing ?! What a storm out of the blue ?! Angelica published the poem "I'm leaving forever." Someone, not having read to the end and not understanding the meaning, was upset, and someone was delighted - Hurray! There is a reason to mock, - wrote the maestro in his microblog.

In addition, the artist noted that Elina Chaga also has her own personal life, and he has exclusively professional relations with her.

Agutin also added that in his production center there are still many young and pretty female wards who can be seen on the air of the new season of the musical television show.

- There will be a reason for new rumors, - added the singer.

Earlier it was reported that fans of Leonid Agutin's creativity are discussing on the Web his parting with singer Angelica Varum.

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