Dzhigarkhanyan's Friend Spoke About His Reunion With His Second Wife

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Dzhigarkhanyan's Friend Spoke About His Reunion With His Second Wife
Dzhigarkhanyan's Friend Spoke About His Reunion With His Second Wife

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Changes have come in the personal life of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. His second wife Tatyana Vlasova returned to the artist.

At one time, the legendary actor had a difficult relationship with her. He even sued Vlasova over living space in Moscow. However, now, apparently, all the disagreements are in the past.

In the acting environment, Dzhigarkhanyan's decision to return his second wife was received positively. Vlasova was always called the main woman in the life of Armen Borisovich - he lived with her in legal marriage for almost fifty years!

The artist's friend, the famous TV presenter Vladimir Berezin, is sure: Dzhigarkhanyan did the right thing by deciding to reunite with his ex-wife.

“I always take such actions positively,” says Vladimir Berezin. - Tatiana is a person with whom Armen Borisovich spent most of his life, and not quite an easy one. It is happiness that she returned to him. This once again confirms that there are feelings in the world that are called love, affection, respect, need. Why do we find ourselves together in our youth? To meet old age together! When I found out that Tatyana had returned to Armen Borisovich, I somehow even felt calmer for him. This is not a young girl who could come to Dzhigarkhanyan. I do not believe in such unions when the wife is tens of years younger than her husband. Yes, of course, maybe she belongs to the group of gerontophiles. But most likely she has a simple calculation. I always want to ask in such cases: "Why don't you marry your grandfather who lives in the provinces?" The answer is always something like this: “Am I a fool, or what? I'd rather live alone! " As for reuniting with Tatiana, life has made its own circle - this is important for me. This is not a straight line to infinity, everything goes in a circle.

If you follow your logic, then Vitalina can return

- Personally, I don't want her to come back. The one with which Armen must take the last steps in his life has returned. As for Vitalina, no one except her and Armen knows what brought them together. I know Vitalina: she is very charming. The smell of a woman comes from her. This scent is felt immediately. But without a duet with Armen Borisovich. When she became part of their common project, she changed the format of her life. Fitted into the habits of Armen Borisovich. He is an artist seeking inspiration. I saw Vitalina, said: "Sweet" - and could not resist. But they are better off separately!

Why do you think Armen Borisovich began to live with Tatyana again?

- People of my generation and older love to return to the past. It seems to them that that time was better, happier. If fate determined that Armen and Tatiana needed to part, and then reunite, so be it. Fate tested their feelings. They are together again. Is it bad if people have gone through so much and found each other again? I think this is a great happiness!

Vladimir Berezin

But Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya is not very enthusiastic about the reunion of her ex-husband with Vlasova. Beloved Prokhor Chaliapin is sure that Tatyana returned to Dzhigarkhanyan for a reason. In her opinion, a woman has a selfish interest - primarily financial. Meanwhile, Stepan Dzhigarkhanyan's adopted son Stepan has already called Vitalina a "random person" in his father's life.

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