Painfully Thin Nagiyev Excited With An Exhausted Look

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Painfully Thin Nagiyev Excited With An Exhausted Look
Painfully Thin Nagiyev Excited With An Exhausted Look

Video: Painfully Thin Nagiyev Excited With An Exhausted Look

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Ditriy Nagiyev has changed a lot for the role. The actor has noticeably lost weight and seems to be very exhausted.

The Moscow cinema "October" hosted the premiere of the drama "The Unforgiven", in which Nagiyev played the main role - the architect Vitaly Kaloev. Together with the film crew and director Sarik Andreasyan, Dmitry appeared on stage and personally presented the picture.

Nagiyev appeared at the show in his corporate image. He wore dark jeans, a matching T-shirt and a long black summer raincoat. The artist's neck was decorated with intricate pendants, and the celebrity did not let go of the rosary.


Note that the fans were not at all embarrassed by Dmitry's strange appearance. They drew attention to the fact that the 51-year-old actor had noticeably sunken cheeks, so it seemed that one huge nose remained on the artist's face. Nagiyev looked very tired, a little crumpled and painfully thin. However, his other admirers decided that the celebrity had lost weight for the role.

Recall that the film "Unforgiven" tells the real story of the architect Vitaly Kaloev, who lost his family in a terrible plane crash. A film about love, about loneliness, about a little man.

The premiere was attended by many Russian celebrities: Mikhail Galustyan, Alexander Revva, Natalya Rudova, Arkady Ukupnik, Regina Todorenko, Karina Mishulina, Stas and Yulia Kostyushkin, Anna Sedokova, Pavel and Agata Priluchny, Nelly Ermolaeva, Cornelia Mango, Daria Pynzar and many others.

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