Stars Who Can't Be Faithful

Stars Who Can't Be Faithful
Stars Who Can't Be Faithful

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In May 2011, the seemingly exemplary marriage of Arnold Schwarzenegger with Maria Shriver broke up. The couple were together for a quarter of a century, they had four children, however, as it turned out, the actor walked on the side and even managed to get an illegitimate child. This is how another couple that Hollywood admired fell apart. And what other celebrity is incapable of being faithful?

1. Charlie Sheen. Charlie's second wife, actress Denise Richards, decided to divorce, expecting a second child from her husband. The girl was so exhausted by Shin's drinking and cheating that she was not afraid to be left alone with her two daughters. Charlie did not grieve for a long time and three years later he married actress Brooke Mueller, and after breaking up with her, he began to live with two women at all: adult film actress Bree Olson and designer Natalie Kenley.

2. Kristen Stewart. Kristen had a long-term affair with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, but in 2012 she cheated on him with director Rupert Sanders, who was married. After she returned to Pattinson, but then the couple broke up again. In the end, Kristen went over to the other side and started dating girls.

3. Jack Nicholson. Jack lived with Angelica Houston for 17 years, but in 1990 they broke up. Nicholson endlessly cheated on his partner and did not even really hide. Even the first date, as Houston said, he canceled because he wanted to meet with the ex-lover.

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