Lolita: I'm Imprisoned For Novels, Not For Washing Socks

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Lolita: I'm Imprisoned For Novels, Not For Washing Socks
Lolita: I'm Imprisoned For Novels, Not For Washing Socks

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Recently, Lolita Milyavskaya first appeared in public after the announcement of quarantine. The star performed at the closing ceremony of the Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk. The artist arrived in Belarus visibly thinner and with a new hairstyle. Lola told our reporters what the changes in appearance are connected with, and also explained why she was not going to the registry office.

- I would be the last idiot if I wanted someone to please, - says the artist. - The biggest problem of our women is their desire to be reflected in someone's eyes and to please someone. Believe me, I never aspired to this. I look the way I see fit. And whoever doesn't like it, goodbye.

Lolita tries to live positively. Too many unhappy moments she had to endure over the past couple of years: squabbles with utilities, divorce from her husband …

- I already forgot about the divorce! - declares the star. - If I hadn't been constantly reminded of this, it would have been even better. Yesterday, subscribers began to write: “Lolitochka, don't worry. There will still be! " It turned out that a program about my divorce was shown on TV. Why should I worry? I have really forgotten about everything long ago!

The artist assures: she does not remain without male attention.

“I have a new life,” she says. - And what, I definitely need to wash my socks and eat to cook? I am not sharpened for this. I am now imprisoned for novels, a good attitude, for gifts, but not for family life. As for butterflies in my stomach, I don't have them. Butterflies are bad!

How her young man appreciated the transformation of Lola is unknown. But Lolita herself is absolutely happy with her current forms.

“I always eat once a day,” Lolita continues. - Moreover, now I eat even more than before. My weight loss is not associated with diets, but with a psychological state. I went to an endocrinologist who found some problems. This is normal: with age, they all appear. I drank the pills that I bought at a regular pharmacy, and excluded from my diet those products that do not suit me. For example, bananas and grapes.

The star assures: in the last couple of months she was able to accomplish what she had long dreamed of. Become an ordinary woman who takes care of all household chores.

- I have on my account almost 35 years of active touring life, - continues the artist. - Of those colleagues whom I know, no one is bored without concerts. On the contrary, quarantine gave us the opportunity to stop and do household chores. Everything gives me great pleasure. I cook myself, wash dishes, wash without gloves. See the acid corroded your hands? Now I can sleep at home, in my bed, and see my toilet … This is great happiness! As for finances, I have no problems. I made good money and continue to earn. I always thought that someday there will come a moment when I don't want to perform or the stage doesn't want me. You have to work hard all your life so that you can later say: "I'm tired and I can rest!" And also during the pandemic, I came to the conclusion that I had become a sociopath. Over the years, I have developed a desire not to communicate with a large number of people.

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