Stars Who Neglected Self-isolation

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Stars Who Neglected Self-isolation
Stars Who Neglected Self-isolation

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While some stars strictly adhere to the self-isolation regime and advise fans to follow their example, others violate quarantine for not at all valid reasons. Rambler found out which of the celebrities decided that the rules were written for others.

Anastasia Volochkova


Back at the end of March, the ballerina desperately urged her Instagram followers to stay prudent and stay at home:

"Let's stay at home, not contribute to the spread of the virus and just get down to things that we once postponed, or maybe spend time with loved ones and loved ones, put things in order in our houses and apartments. This is what I want to wish you The most important thing is that there should be peace on the planet, peace in our souls, hearts, homes. God bless you."

However, not so long ago, Volochkova seemed to have forgotten about her touching speech and went to the birthday of the girl Masha, who was seven years old. The ballerina noted that she could not help but congratulate the child, because she is "the main character of the play." Volochkova arrived in Chekhov, where Masha lives, with flowers and a teddy bear in a white car. After distributing gifts, the ballerina returned home.

Daria Konovalova


After Daria returned from her vacation in Courchevel, her mood was darkened by unpleasant news - due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in Europe, she had to stay at home in a two-week quarantine. However, Konovalova did not follow the instructions, and, barely finding herself in Moscow, immediately went to a fashion show at the Central Department Store, and then to the cinema with her daughter.

After this story, the model's subscribers fell upon her with angry exclamations, but she did not remain silent:

"All of you, 'smart' evil commentators, roast pork, walk, go to visit - this is when Moscow is almost officially under quarantine!"

Lev Leschenko


Not so long ago, the 78-year-old artist was hospitalized in a hospital in Kommunarka. It soon became clear that Leshchenko had a coronavirus. Obviously, the master became infected during a tour in the USA, but after returning from overseas, Lev Valerianovich did not observe the self-isolation regime: first he appeared on the program with Andrei Malakhov, and then at the birthday party of Igor Krutoy's sister Alla.

According to the artist, returning from the states, he felt normal and did not even know that he was sick with something:

“I didn’t have a temperature, and when I came to Malakhov on the 17th, for which everyone is making fire at me now … I told Andrei, everyone said:“Guys, I just arrived, I’m in self-isolation.” He simply said: "Come on, Lev Valerianovich, well you, we will all be ill together. You go to work, just like me, so that people have the mood and spiritually and morally unite in this difficult moment of life."


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