Who Was The First Husband Of Angelica Varum

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Who Was The First Husband Of Angelica Varum
Who Was The First Husband Of Angelica Varum

Video: Who Was The First Husband Of Angelica Varum

Video: Who Was The First Husband Of Angelica Varum
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Angelica Varum and Leonid Agutin - it seems that these two names have always stood side by side, because the musicians have been together for many years, and this is not only a family union, but also a creative one.

But Leonid is Angelica's second husband. The first was classmate Maxim. And Angelica then bore a different name …

Lviv beauty Masha

Once upon a time, the future star was called Maria, not Angelica. Even in early childhood, the girl met and made friends with the boy Maxim. Years passed, they studied in the same class, sat at the same desk

And then the boy and girl grew up. And they realized that what binds them is not just friendship. Lovers Masha and Maxim walked around Lviv for a long time, kissed and promised to love each other always.

Waited out of the army

Soon after the prom, Maxim went to the army, and Masha was waiting for her beloved, despite the dissatisfaction of her parents - it seemed to them that Maxim was not a suitable party for their talented girl.

After Maxim's return, the lovers went to Moscow. Maxim did everything to make the dream of his beloved come true - to become a famous singer.



At first, the future star performed backing vocals, then she began to build a solo career, and all this time Maxim ensured her success - he was a costume designer, an illuminator, and a photographer.

Was Masha - became Angelica

Of course, on the way to fame, it was not without the help of dad - Yuri Varum, a famous music producer. It would be strange if he did not help his own daughter achieve success. True, the girl had to start by changing her name.

The fact is that the first Varum disc was recorded at the Gala Records studio, and before that Masha Rasputina's disc was released there. And the producers of Varum decided: the second Masha will not "come in." And then a sonorous pseudonym was invented - Angelica Varum.

The most interesting thing is that Masha Rasputina also recorded under a pseudonym. Her real name is Alla Ageeva. But today hardly anyone remembers this.

Glory, popularity and a new chosen one

Angelica's musical career was quite successful. They began to recognize her, her songs were constantly played on the air. Maxim was still there.

They say that, becoming popular, Angelica was more and more distant from her husband - she even introduced him to those around her as a driver or a security guard.

Whatever it was, but they have been legally married for 8 years. And then a talented young composer and performer Leonid Agutin appeared in Angelica's life. They recorded several songs, began to sing in a duet, and soon the creative tandem grew into a romantic union.

Nothing prevented Angelica from divorcing Maxim - they had no children. And after a while, she became pregnant by Leonid and gave birth to a daughter, who was named Elizabeth. A year after the birth of their daughter, in 2000, Angelica and Leonid officially became husband and wife.



The whole country knows what happened next. Varum and Agutin are a strong married couple, which many times were "bred" by fans and haters, but which, despite all the storms of life, continues to stay together and delight us with new songs.

With Maxim, her first love, Angelica does not communicate - "it did not work out", in her words. However, both Angelica and Maxim always say only good things about each other - both have fond memories of their first marriage.

Maxim got married, he has two children, and, apparently, he has no grudge against his ex-wife.

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