Guzeeva Insulted A Fan For Insults

Guzeeva Insulted A Fan For Insults
Guzeeva Insulted A Fan For Insults
Video: Guzeeva Insulted A Fan For Insults
Video: Гузеева еле сдерживает смех! КОЛХОЗНИЦА пришла на Давай поженимся 2023, February

Popular TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva again spoke sharply with fans.

So, Guzeeva published a harmless post on her Instagram about her love for Moscow, but one of her subscribers commented on the publication with words offensive to the star.

"Where does so much hatred for ordinary people come from? Not all quitters and whiners. You also had ups and downs," the girl wrote, although these words did not at all refer to Guzeeva's publication.

Guzeeva's reaction was not long in coming.

"You are a fool and a provocateur. I have never treated ordinary people with hatred," Larisa wrote in response.

The girl could only say to this that "happy and worthy people do not behave like that."

Of course, the audience watching the skirmish on the Web was divided into two "camps". Some accused the star of being harsh, while others defended the TV presenter.

"Lara normally and adequately assesses the guests in the studio. Did she tell someone something undeservedly? …", wrote one of the subscribers in defense of Guzeeva.

Previously, Rambler talked about how Larisa Guzeeva was trolled by humorists Maxim Galkin and Garik Kharlamov.

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