It Became Clear Why Efremov Refused To Accept Blame

It Became Clear Why Efremov Refused To Accept Blame
It Became Clear Why Efremov Refused To Accept Blame

Video: It Became Clear Why Efremov Refused To Accept Blame


Actor Mikhail Efremov, involved in a fatal accident in Moscow, while intoxicated, suddenly refused to admit his guilt for a reason.

It turned out that the advice to refuse recognition to Efremov was given by his lawyer, Elman Pashayev. So, the lawyer hinted that his team has some information that prompted him to advise his client Mikhail Efremov not to admit guilt in a fatal accident.

"My team has information that prompted me to advise Mikhail Efremov not to admit guilt. Again, the final decision is up to the court," the lawyer wrote on his Instagram.

The lawyer noted that he is ready for any court decision, because it will be based on the evidence provided.

At the same time, Pashayev noted that the actor's business is not controlled by the state in any way, and the actor has no influential friends.

The lawyer believes that after the court's decision "all this fuss" will be of no interest to anyone.

"Mikhail Efremov feels very bad. Both morally and physically. All conversations, condemnations and, yes, support, he does not need. He must and wants to be alone to prepare for the trial," he said.

In addition, the lawyer noted that publicity only harms the family of the victim of an accident, and "in grief, people do not run on talk shows in search of justice."

Recall that an accident involving the famous actor took place on the evening of June 8 in the center of Moscow, on Smolenskaya Square. The Jeep Grand Cherokee, driven by Efremov, drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into a Lada van. Courier driver Sergei Zakharov died in hospital from his injuries.

Later, an examination confirmed that Efremov was drunk, and residual traces of drugs were found in his blood. He faces 5 to 12 years in prison.

Now the actor does not admit his guilt in the accident, and his intentions to pay compensation to the family of the deceased were allegedly dictated only by the fact that "his car was involved in the accident."

Previously, Rambler reported that a new video with an accident with Efremov has appeared.

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