Three Marriages Of Larisa Udovichenko: Fictitious, Short-lived And Tragic

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Three Marriages Of Larisa Udovichenko: Fictitious, Short-lived And Tragic
Three Marriages Of Larisa Udovichenko: Fictitious, Short-lived And Tragic

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Larisa Udovichenko is 64 years old. Congratulations! And we recall some little-known facts of the life of a beautiful actress


The name of Larisa Udovichenko immediately brings to mind the legendary Manka-Bond from “The meeting place cannot be changed”, someone has the elegant Mrs. Banks from “Mary Poppins, goodbye!”, And someone first of all recalls the lover private investigation Dasha Vasiliev from the series of the same name or Valya from "Winter Cherry".

Whatever it was, but Larisa Udovichenko, who celebrates her birthday on April 29, has long been a truly people's artist. She is loved for her different roles, in which she always remains surprisingly feminine, gentle and charming.

Journalists of the portal phoned Larisa Ivanovna on the eve of her holiday and asked if she would collect guests for her birthday.

- I will be in Tbilisi, and that says it all! - the actress laughed.

It turns out that she has not been to the capital of Georgia for a very long time - since Soviet times, and now she flies there to see how the ancient city has changed. Udovichenko admitted that she does not really like to celebrate her birthdays:

- I always try to go somewhere. I don't like noisy companies, and when you stay and celebrate in Moscow, in any case, a lot of people are recruited. It's like an excuse to see everyone. Therefore, we get a lot of guests and - a whole lot of work. And I want to relax!

We wish Larisa Ivanovna a good rest and propose to remember on this day those men who at different times were close to the actress. And they were as different as the numerous roles of Larisa Udovichenko.


Still from the film "Where Nadezhda Lives"

Odessa woman from Vienna

The future movie star was born in Vienna - her dad, a military doctor, served there. However, pretty soon the family moved to Odessa, Larisa's childhood passed there, youth began.

The girl liked to do rhythmic gymnastics, and her mother, who at one time studied at the theater institute, instilled in her daughter a love of theater and cinema.

Therefore, when Larisa saw an announcement that the Odessa Film Studio was inviting those wishing to study in courses, she immediately signed up there. And she was noticed by Alexander Pavlovsky - the director who was going to direct the film "Happy Kukushkin".

This is how the film debut of Larisa Udovichenko took place. Soon she starred in another film - "Yulka". It is not surprising that after graduating from school, a pretty blonde from Odessa left for Moscow and entered VGIK.

First marriage - fictitious

Almost immediately, the student Larisa began to be removed, and she did not refuse any roles, believing that she needed to gain experience. Yes, in the end, and money had to be earned! After all, life in the capital is expensive …

Closer to the end of the institute, the question of registration arose. Recall that during the Soviet era, it was forbidden to live in Moscow without an official residence permit. Larisa needed to "gain a foothold" in the capital in any way so that she would not be sent back to Odessa for distribution.

And she, on the advice of Tamara Makarova, her teacher, decided on a fictitious marriage. Alexander Pankratov-Bely, the future director, had long sympathized with the slender, charming Larisa and readily agreed to marry her and register her in his living space.

It was rumored that the guy was counting on turning a fictitious marriage into a real one, hoping that Larisa would eventually fall in love with him

But it didn’t happen. Soon after receiving the coveted stamp in her passport, Larisa divorced Sasha without regrets.

Second marriage - broke up due to husband's jealousy

But Andrei Eshpai, the son of the famous Soviet composer, immediately made an impression on Larisa: he looked like a true Russian intellectual, and his character was the same.The lovers got married and began to live together. It seemed who, if not them, could be happy?

But literally all the men were staring at the pretty flirtatious Larissa. Andrei was terribly jealous, and at some point their marriage cracked. But Larisa so dreamed of true love, of a strong family!

Third marriage. Homeless woman?

The actress met the musician and entrepreneur Gennady Bolgarin at her friend's birthday party. The party took place in a trendy club. Larissa immediately drew attention to an interesting man who found himself at the same table with her. Soon he invited her to dance, they started talking

They spent the whole evening with each other, not noticing anyone around. Saying goodbye, Larisa only asked: "Are you married?" And Gennady answered - "Yes".

She fought with her feelings for a long time, not allowing herself anything but rare telephone conversations - she did not want to destroy the family in which her 13-year-old son grew up. But the feelings turned out to be mutual and very strong. After another scandal with his wife, Gennady moved to Larisa.


Larisa Udovichenko in the movie "Everything is Possible"

Roulette ruined marriage

It seemed that finally everything was fine: beloved husband, complete understanding, and then also the long-awaited child - daughter Masha. Larissa was happy.

But another passion of Gennady intervened in the family idyll - a passion for gambling in the casino. Once he lost a very large amount, and not only his own money, but also someone else's. Creditors began to call and come, a real danger hung over the family - morals at that time were the most gangster, and Larisa was seriously afraid for her daughter and for herself.

Gennady was hiding from creditors in another city. After the "brothers" came to the house and warned that they would do anything to get the money back, Larisa changed the locks and, calling Gennady, forbade him to return home. At school, I agreed that the seventh-grader Masha would pass the exams as an external student, and sent her daughter to Odessa.

So her family life with her third husband ended.

Successful. Happy?

Today, Udovichenko continues to act in films and play on stage, preferring entreprise theaters.

Her adult daughter Maria, after graduating from the Plekhanov Academy, left for Italy - she is studying at a film school and may become a screenwriter or director.

Larisa Ivanovna is in excellent shape - she managed to maintain an almost girlish slenderness, loves to wear jeans and shirts, and from the back she is often hailed: "Girl!".

The actress has already studied her face for a long time and knows perfectly well what suits her: for example, she does not accept thick dark eyebrows, artificially thick hair, or pumped lips - in her opinion, all this simply does not suit her.

But she always refuses to talk on personal topics. He only admits that he does not feel happy in his personal life - but good luck in work compensates for this.

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