Bitterness Of Loss: Russian Celebrities Who Passed Away In

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Bitterness Of Loss: Russian Celebrities Who Passed Away In
Bitterness Of Loss: Russian Celebrities Who Passed Away In
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There are only a few days left until the end of 2019, and it's time to take stock. It is not always necessary to talk about happy events, because life, as you know, is full of both joys and sorrows.

Today, the news agency "Express-Novosti" recalls those Russian celebrities who left this world in the past year. Unfortunately, the list of departed idols turned out to be very impressive.

Vladimir Etush

The actor lived a long life and passed away at the 97th year of his life. The man was ill for a long time, suffered a heart attack and died without regaining consciousness in one of the Moscow clinics. Etush loved life very much, always tried to stay positive and sincerely wanted to be accompanied on his last journey with a smile.

Mark Zakharov

The legendary director passed away at the age of 85. On the eve of the start of the new theatrical season, Zakharov was full of ideas and desire to work, but the disease knocked down the man and ruined all his plans. Mark Anatolyevich died in his sleep in September 2019.

Alla Verber

The fashion director of TSUMA passed away at the end of the summer. Werber died in Italy, where she was on vacation. The cause of death of a woman is meningococcal infection, which the body, exhausted by constant stress, could not cope with. A huge number of Russian celebrities posted posts on social networks with touching words of farewell to Alla - she was a friend and style icon for many stars of Russian show business.

George Danelia

The director left this world at the age of 88. The official cause of death is pneumonia. The body of an elderly person could not overcome the disease. Sad news to journalists was reported by the widow of Georgy Nikolaevich. It is known that Danelia was never distinguished by good health and even in his youth was often and seriously ill.

Sergey Dorenko

The life of a famous journalist ended abruptly at the age of 59. The man died in an accident: due to poor health, he lost control of the motorcycle, fell and crashed into a bump stop on the opposite side of the road.

Yulia Nachalova

The death of 38-year-old singer Yulia Nachalova shocked the public. No one imagined that the young beauty had serious health problems. The official cause of death of the star is blood poisoning caused by a failed mammoplasty and resulting in kidney failure.


The singer, who became the idol of a whole generation, passed away at the age of 35. His life was cut short right after the concert in Izhevsk, when the rapper was changing clothes in the dressing room. The official cause of death is acute heart failure.

Yuri Luzhkov

The ex-mayor of Moscow died at the age of 83 due to heart problems. Luzhkov remained the permanent head of the capital for 18 years and did a lot to restore the city in the difficult post-Soviet period.

Elina Bystritskaya

The People's Artist died at the age of 91. Little is known about the last days of Bystritskaya's life - her sister fired the nurses and assistants, ruled out contacts of the sick relative with the media. The actress starred in 30 films, almost all of which entered the golden fund of Russian cinema.

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