Allegrova Flew To The Shaman To Get Pregnant

Allegrova Flew To The Shaman To Get Pregnant
Allegrova Flew To The Shaman To Get Pregnant

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In the mid-90s, Irina Allegrova enjoyed the prime of her career and dreamed of becoming a mother for the second time in her life.

The artist wanted to give the child to her then husband, dancer Igor Kapusta. When natural methods did not help, Irina Alexandrovna decided to resort to unconventional methods and went to New Zealand to a local shaman. She was sure that it was he who would help her. "Interlocutor" tells how it was and how it all ended.

At the time of meeting Igor Kapusta, Allegrova was at the peak of popularity. Her hits - "Wanderer", "Photography", "Believe in love, girls" - sang the whole country. The stately handsome dancer charmed the star right away when he came to get a job in her dance group. Soon they began to live together, and at the same time build their own family nest near Moscow. The star still lives in a luxurious house in Vatutinki near Moscow. Irina understood: for complete family happiness, she and Igor lack a common child. She made every effort to get pregnant …

At that time, Allegrova was a little over forty. But Irina was sure: age is not a hindrance. The singer was upset when her next attempt to become a mother failed.

Allegrova turned to God for help. She prayed a lot. And not only in Russia. In Greece, where the star loved to relax with Cabbage, there are many monasteries. Allegrova went there. But even the strong prayer of the Greek monks did not help to fulfill her desire.

At some point, Allegrova learned that a magician lives in New Zealand who helps to solve "women's problems". Irina, without thinking twice, packed her things and went with Cabbage to an appointment with the sorcerer. After examining the singer, the shaman said that he could help her. But for this she needs to go through a special mystical ritual.

Allegrova was so fascinated by the meeting with the shaman that she fulfilled all his requirements. She stood for a long time under a tree, calling upon the higher powers to once again give her the joy of motherhood. At this moment, the shaman read the necessary conspiracies. At the end of the session, the man promised: a miracle will happen very soon. Allegrova was in seventh heaven. She was sure that the shaman would help her. But it did not happen: she could not get pregnant. Mystical cases in Irina's life occurred repeatedly. Together with Cabbage, they once got tattoos as a sign of love and fidelity. Igor is on the chest, and Irina is on the buttock. They were told that the tattoos would keep their love forever. When Cabbage left Allegrova, he discovered that his tattoo had become inflamed. At some point, the man even wanted to bring him together. But it turned out to be impossible to do this. One of the specialists, whom Igor turned to, said that the tattoo would remind him of Irina for the rest of his life. And so it happened. Igor's sister said in an interview that her brother died due to an allergic reaction. And his allergies began to appear just after he got a tattoo.

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