Russian Stars Affected By Plastic Surgery

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Russian Stars Affected By Plastic Surgery
Russian Stars Affected By Plastic Surgery

Video: Russian Stars Affected By Plastic Surgery

Video: Russian Stars Affected By Plastic Surgery
Video: Plastic Surgery - Russian Version 2023, March

Some of them have forever sworn to resort to plastic surgery. Someone had to go through years of recovery procedures. The mistakes of doctors, scandalous TV broadcasts, threats of violence and being on the verge of life and death - domestic stars tell what problems the pursuit of beauty can lead to.

Plastic surgeries can prolong youth and increase self-esteem - but in case of failure, they threaten not only appearance, but also life. Today Anews will tell you about our celebrities, whose pursuit of beauty has turned into serious problems.

Whose conflict with doctors led to gang threats? Whom did foreign experts let down? And did you manage to bring unscrupulous doctors to justice?

Olga Spirkina. "Holes formed in place of my cheeks."

In 2007, having crossed the 40-year mark, the actress and TV presenter decided to rejuvenate with the help of one new technology - the implantation of the finest gold threads under the skin.

“On TV, they advertise with might and main the threads with which they“tightened”my face,” Olga said in frustration. “I also thought that for just a thousand dollars I would gain beauty. She even invited her friend Elena Borzova with her. Our faces were injected with painkillers and threads were put on. Despite novocaine, the pain was severe. After that, Lena had no effect, except that she could not open her mouth for a whole month. I was more "lucky": after this procedure, the cheeks "left" up to the eyes. I had the impression that I want to laugh or sneeze all the time."

The doctors who performed the operation tried to remedy the situation, but it only got worse:

“I was offered to make several injections of Kenalog. Then I found out that this drug is used to absorb scars. I was given these injections, my cheeks returned to their place, but …

A few days later, holes formed in the place of my cheeks. The drug absorbed everything - both the threads and the cheeks. I was shocked! The series was being filmed - and I was in this form. Even under the layer of makeup, everything was noticeable.

In the clinic, I was offered to be like the procedures. At first, I even paid for them, but then they realized that they were in, and offered to do everything for free. I was advised to undergo an expensive surgical operation. But I was afraid to cut my face, and besides, I did not have that kind of money."



Fortunately, the actress managed to solve the problems to some extent and deal with unscrupulous doctors:

“I went abroad and took a whole course of apparatus cosmetology. The face got a little better. But I still have to put on a bunch of makeup before going outside.

I made sure that they paid me 150 thousand rubles, and Elena got the money back. But no one will return us the spent nerves and time!"

Oksana Pushkina. "At night I am sometimes scared …"

In 2003, a similar story happened to the TV presenter and public figure Oksana Pushkina - she devoted several pages to these events in her 2007 autobiographical book Life Behind the Scenes.

“My friend Irina Rodnina and I decided to get rid of some wrinkles and smooth out the nasolabial folds that gave out our age. This is how Dr. Gelena Rymarenko appeared in my life. It was said that she did the necessary cosmetic procedures to many famous people at home, which is very convenient. And then a few days later she appeared at my house. I was waiting for her with Irina Rodnina.

After examining our faces, Gelena suggested using Botox injections to correct the mimic wrinkles near the eyes, and to correct the nasolabial folds and lips with Perline - that's what she called it."

For several months, everything went well, and the women decided to undergo the procedures again. Pushkina later noted that Rymarenko was injecting not with a disposable sealed syringe, but with the most common one - but due to inexperience, this did not bother Oksana.

Complications appeared soon after the second procedure:

“By the end of the next one, there was something like a pimple on the right nasolabial fold - just a bump. I noted with concern that it grows and becomes visible even under the foundation.



Then my son and I went on vacation to the United States. And that's where I got really worried. My tubercle has grown, acquired an elongated shape, looked like a large wart, and small tubercles appeared nearby - down and up along the nasolabial fold. The color of all this formation gradually changed - from pink to burgundy, and then to bluish-purple. People around me began to pay attention to me.

I even thought that these formations were of oncological origin. Then Irina Rodnina came to the States. It was she who suggested that this is the result of Rymarenko's injections, since something similar happens to her lips.

I went to the most experienced oncologist with Irina Rodnina - I was afraid alone. He said that I was not his patient and sent me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist - the most experienced specialist, a luminary in his field - immediately told me that this drug could not give such a reaction”.

If Rodnina's problems soon passed, then Pushkina's condition worsened. For a while, she simply tried to cope with the consequences with the help of Rymarenko, but after consulting with a famous Swedish physician, Oksana decided to undergo a biopsy to find out exactly which drug was used.

“I persistently asked Rymarenko to bring me a certificate of conformity for the drug. She replied that they would not give it to her.

“Okay,” I said, “then I myself, as a journalist, will deal with this firm and I will not stand on ceremony.

And then Dr. Rymarenko told me that it was a mafia company, there is a lot of money, and if I stick my nose in there, I will simply be beaten.

Soon the results of a biopsy came, which indicated that the drug injected to me had nothing to do with Restylane Perline."

The drug used contained pieces of a plastic-like substance - they did not dissolve under the skin and caused inflammation, which subsequently threatened to spread to the brain.

Oksana had to go through a difficult course of rehabilitation and a trial. And if in the courtroom she managed to obtain compensation in the amount of 670,000 rubles, then the woman looked rather pessimistic about the prospects for final recovery:

“What will happen to my face? With my health? It is still not clear. “A delayed-action bullet,” as the doctors call it, is a foreign body that I have in the area of the nasolabial folds, it gives constant inflammation. But there is still no consensus among experts on how to solve my problem.



… I believe that in the end the doctors will find a way out. I believe and wait. Only at night I am sometimes scared …"

However, modern photographs of Oksana inspire hope that a way out has been found.

Julia Nachalova. "It is a whim and stupidity to correct nature!"

Foreign medicine is far from sinless. First, the singer Yulia Nachalova decided to seek the help of surgeons from the United States for breast augmentation after childbirth.

The operation was successful, but the girl did not like wearing a large bust. "I didn't seem to be myself anymore!" - said Julia about that period. After two years, she wanted to remove the implants.

And now the second operation was much more complicated.

“The operation lasted a very long time - as much as five hours,” the artist recalled. - Something went wrong. But despite this, I was discharged home on the same day - this is the custom in America. It was difficult for me to walk and generally move. It turned out that during the operation I had an infection. The infection began. I had to do a second operation in order to fix everything. We must pay tribute to the doctors - they did everything possible in this situation. They literally pulled me out of the other world."



Nevertheless, the emergency measures of the doctors seriously affected the girl's health, "planting" her kidneys. Julia had to go through a long and difficult path of recovery and experience new problems - due to the loads she had suffered, she developed gout.

Now the artist looks at plastic surgery in a fundamentally different way:

“I did not blame the doctors or fate for what happened. It's all her own fault. After all, it is a whim and stupidity to correct nature! I realized that plastic is not mine. I don’t want to do any more experiments on myself. And I will tell my daughter that you need to accept yourself for who you are. These are not empty words from an oriental book, they need to be realized and understood. You need to love every part of your body and boldly look at yourself in the mirror. Only then will you find harmony."

Anastasia Shpagina. Thriller in a video blog

In 2017, a trip to the surgeon for a young youtube and instagram star turned into a real drama.

On January 19, Anastasia posted a video in which she described in detail her preparations for the long-awaited rhinoplasty - surgery to change the nose - in blogging, as well as her feelings after the operation. The girl looked clearly positive and pleased with the result.

Unfortunately, the joy did not last long. On April 6, a video was released where completely different emotions appeared. Anastasia complained that her nose was still not breathing, and depressions appeared on it. The girl also talked about the indifferent and arrogant attitude of the operating doctor - Timur Nugaev - and the clinic staff. In addition, she said that she consulted with other doctors and found out that the operation was performed poorly - too much skin and cartilage was cut off, the structure of the respiratory tract was disrupted, and for recovery it would be necessary to take material from the rib and ear.



On April 22, the story escalated to the limit. Anastasia said that because of the past video, she began to receive threats. It all started when she found a note in her mailbox asking to call.

The person who answered this number began to accuse the girl of organizing spam attacks and cyberbullying of the clinic, after which he began to threaten with reprisals and demand the removal of critical videos. Anastasia also said that she tried to contact the police with the recordings of the conversations, but they refused to take action only on the basis of threats.

Wanting to take time for reflection, the girl partially met the requirements, hiding some videos. But in the end, she decided not to hush up the situation, noting that other girls who suffered from Nugaev and met with threats also contacted her.

The conflict spilled over to the central television and was covered in one of the issues of the program “Let them talk”. There, the video blogger and the surgeon came face to face.

On the air, Nugaev claimed that he had offered Anastasia a corrective operation following her complaints. He denied any involvement in the telephone threats.

The victim, on the other hand, insisted on her claims and expressed a wish that the surgeon was deprived of his license.

Also, several women came to the release, accusing Nugaev of dishonesty, to which the doctor replied that they just want popularity in the wake of what happened to Shpagina.

The further development of events was not covered in detail, but earlier Anastasia said that she was going to do a corrective operation in a year, when the tissues of the nose returned to normal. Timur Nugaev continues his medical practice to this day.

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