Lazarev About Her Husband Legkostupova: "He Had No Love For Valya"

Lazarev About Her Husband Legkostupova: "He Had No Love For Valya"
Lazarev About Her Husband Legkostupova: "He Had No Love For Valya"

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Video: "Дя, я П**АС!" - Сергей Лазарев нецензурно прокомментировал роман с Малиновским 2022, December

Farewell to Valentina Legkostupova began at noon at the Troyekurovsky cemetery. It was decided to do the memorial service in a mode closed from prying eyes. Among those who came to see the singer on her last journey, one could see, in addition to relatives, Andrei Malakhov, Mikhail Muromov, Svetlana Lazareva and other colleagues. Svetlana Lazareva appeared with a huge bouquet of roses. She was friends with Valentina and could not help but come even on the day when she was leaving on tour. And she told whom she sees responsible in the tragedy that happened.

- Now there are many opinions about what role the spouse played in this whole scary story. As a person who knew Valentina, what version of what happened?

- I cannot declare categorically, because this is a serious matter, and I do not want to accuse unfoundedly. But the fact that he is unpleasant to me as a person is unambiguous. I saw these broadcasts with his participation. The fact that this is a performance is not even necessary to say. He did not have any love for Valya, but was simply a mercantile interest of, frankly, a mature man of 58 years old. No matter how young they are and skateboarding, there is a nature that cannot be fooled. And naturally, all his stories about passionate love, sobbing without tears, these falling to his knees - this is all such an acting game that I absolutely do not believe. I think that if he really loved Valya, then in the event that a person fell in the bathroom, he would immediately call an ambulance. And he said that he had come in - she was lying on her back. If such a situation happened in my life, God forbid, I would not even listen and would immediately take action. I define people not by their words, but by their actions. And this is a disgusting act when he went and continued to sleep, knowing that his beloved woman, as he screams at every corner, fell, hitting the tiled floor. And naturally, here it was necessary to grab her and call an ambulance, no matter what state you were in, even if you were completely drunk. Well, you understand that you need to immediately examine the person who hit his head. And after all this, I still have to sit for three days in an apartment with this trauma. I don't understand. Valya was generally a very smart woman, gave birth to two children, she had a wonderful first husband and a second, Lesha, with whom they lived for 20 years. I was surprised to learn that she was divorced. I didn't even know she was getting married.

- That is, you did not know her husband personally?

- No, God had mercy. I'm a pretty straightforward and honest person. Many, of course, dislike this and say that this is impossible in show business. But I would definitely tell her my opinion if I saw him next to her. I would not support her in this decision. When we last saw her, she was changing in the dressing room at a concert in the Kremlin. She used to laugh all the time, she was so funny. And here she seemed to be laughing and looking good: a new haircut, younger, thinner But her eyes were without a sparkle. There was no sparkle in her currants - her eyes were like currants. I saw that she had a kind of lost look.

- Some colleagues said that in these relationships, on the contrary, she shone with happiness and said that he was exactly the person she was looking for

- Yes, she said so, and in public. But, you know, there is such an obsession with a person. She can be understood as a woman: at 54, many are afraid of loneliness. And this loneliness pushes them, at times, to such rash decisions and actions. At 54, she was probably afraid to be alone, to be alone. And then suddenly this very man turned up, who gave her a ride on a yacht - not on his own. He also drove yachts. And a woman needs so little! Powder the brains of a lonely girl - there is nothing to do. She saw in him, perhaps, some kind of kindred spirit.Although I do not know what she could see in this person. Personally, at first glance, he causes a feeling of rejection in me. But everyone has different tastes. Maybe he seemed cute to Vale. And then, we were not present at their meetings, conversations. After all, people, at times, are united by such strange things. Therefore, reasoning is a thankless task. And to say that she was glowing with happiness Now you can say anything you want. What is the result?

- By the way, there is a version that her husband did something for her. For example, he allegedly paid for plastic surgery.

- You are absolutely correct in saying: allegedly. Valya didn’t tell me about it, she didn’t tell me at all that she was living with someone. We talked on the phone just four weeks ago. She told me how she had plastic surgery, that her swelling had not yet gone away. And I found out that she was married when they were taken to the hospital and there was news in the media.

- Do you keep in touch with Valentina's daughter? What does he say about what happened?

- Of course I do. But I cannot share her opinion, which she expresses to me tete-a-tete. It will just be dishonorable. But I can say that this whole story will be considered at a very serious level, the investigating authorities are already dealing with it. Annette wants to see it through to the end. She said she would not back down. And he will do the right thing, because evil must be punished. And lies are doubly so. Moreover, I'm sure my husband will start claiming Vali's property, and she has it. I don't even have a second of doubt that he will definitely start this story.

Other colleagues also suggest that this couple might not have had everything going smoothly. The fact that Legkostupova for some reason did not introduce her husband to her best friends also surprises her friends. As a result, they found out about the wedding from the Internet. This also happened in relation to Alice Mon, who also talked with Valentina and even advised not to leave her ex-spouse. However, she did not know why Legkostupova was going to divorce.

“As you know, do not judge, but you will not be judged. But there is another saying: if you are not caught, you are not a thief. Therefore, you know, it is very difficult to judge in this situation until they figure it out. I didn’t know her husband. I knew that Valya got married - that's what else is interesting! Although when we talked with her a year and a half ago, she told me that she wanted to leave her husband. I told her then that the horses on the crossing should not be changed. I really liked Lyosha "He is a cool person. But it was her decision, which I respected. True, I did not know that she had already begun an affair," Alice shared her thoughts. "What kind of person is this, I have no idea. But what both had great external similarity is a fact. When I first saw him in the photograph, I thought: "God, how similar they are!" And then I watched the interview with Vali, who said: "You know, we are so similar with him!" But this is also a sign for a woman: since they are similar, it means that we belong to each other. Maybe this influenced her choice. I don’t know what happened, maybe it was really an accident. It was just necessary to see a doctor in time, and everything was I don’t even want to think that it was some kind of murder.”I myself have faced domestic violence in my life, so I want to believe in the good.

And I must also say this: Valya did not drink. I can confirm this. She was always in a sober mind, sound memory and in a very good energetic state. Only enemies can convince her of drunkenness. It is possible that she and her husband were just having a romantic bouquet period. And when a woman is happy, she can afford to drink a little. But this does not mean that she walked and staggered around Moscow. In this sense, she has always been a very decent, well-mannered and very correct person.

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