The Tragic Fate Of The Star "Three Plus Two" Fateeva

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The Tragic Fate Of The Star "Three Plus Two" Fateeva
The Tragic Fate Of The Star "Three Plus Two" Fateeva

Video: The Tragic Fate Of The Star "Three Plus Two" Fateeva

Video: The Tragic Fate Of The Star "Three Plus Two" Fateeva
Video: НОВИНКА мелодрама "НЕлюбовь" / AIN'T NO LOVE 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 серии HD Russian movie with subtitles 2023, March

Many people remember the tamer Zoya from the movie "Three plus two", played by the actress Natalya Fateeva. "Soviet Sophia Loren", a strong and talented artist, haunted the envious. But gossip and difficulties only made her improve even more. How was the fate of the actress and where is she now?


Natalia was born in Kharkov, in the family of a serviceman and head of a fashion studio. Since childhood, she wanted to become an artist, but her parents were against it and wanted her to get a more serious profession. Natasha took up music, but she did not work out with her because of problems with teachers. But she was lucky in sports: the girl was accepted into the athletics section and she became the city's champion in high jump, long jump and shot put. After graduating from school, she realized her dream and entered the Kharkov Theater Institute.


Beautiful Natalia, with good diction, was invited to conduct news in Kharkov. She became the face of the TV channel, and a good salary, popularity and recognition on the streets made her happy. However, soon the young star was summoned to the department of the institute and announced that she was arrogant, did not take into account the opinion of her elders, and received good marks only for her beautiful eyes. As a result, she was expelled from the university. Confident Natasha was not upset and went to conquer Moscow. After studying at a Kharkov university for three years, at VGIK she was enrolled in the fourth year: this was not practiced at this university before. Perhaps the commission's decision was influenced by its good grades and popularity.

Cinema and personal life

Fateeva did not get along with men: for the first time she married a colleague in cinema and theater Leonid Tarabarinov, but the marriage broke up.

The new student of VGIK was immediately invited to the shooting of the film "There is such a guy" Vladimir Basov, who later became her second husband. The couple had a son, Vladimir. His mother loved him very much, and his father was crazy about Natalia. It seemed to her husband, who was 12 years older than his wife, that the beautiful wife did not belong to him, the audience loved her more. And she loved Basov and forgave a lot, including endless betrayal, envy, screams and scandals, but in the end her patience ran out. After the divorce, the man for 10 years basically did not communicate with his son and tried to block his ex-wife's path to the cinema. But the audience already fell in love with her, and no one wanted to miss the opportunity to work with a talented artist.

Fateeva was alone until, on the set of Three Plus Two, she met the intelligent and vulnerable Andrei Mironov, who turned out to be dependent on her mother. On the set, he lost his head and could not hide his feelings. They say that in one of the impulses of love, he washed white shoes with Fateeva milk, swore to her in love and invited her to marry. Later, the actress admitted that the sensitive and romantic Mironov warmed her soul after a traumatic marriage. However, she could not reciprocate and introduced him to the young Larisa Golubkina, whom he later married.

Glory fell on Natalya's head after the romantic comedy "Three plus two" by Henrikh Oganesyan was released in 1963. Her recognition increased, and the Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut Boris Yegorov was found in the regiment of fans. They were introduced by mutual friends at a party. The man was married and raised a son, which did not prevent him from beautifully caring for the all-Union beauty, finding a common language with her son and divorcing his wife in order to marry a star. Later, son Vladimir will tell that evenings with famous actors and musicians were held in their five-room apartment, to which they moved, cosmonauts stayed there around the clock. But Natalia did not like outsiders and wanted to recover before work. In 1969, the couple had a daughter, Natalya. After a while, Yegorov left his wife for her close friend, colleague in "Three plus two", Natalia Kustinskaya. The rival said that the cosmonaut was jealous of his wife for the Romanian singer, with whom she was filming, and decided that Natasha was not his daughter. Having learned about the betrayal of her husband and friend, Fateeva filed for divorce with a scandal. He never recognized his common daughter, sent alimony, but did not communicate with the child.

After Fateeva, she was married two more times, but both did not bring her either happiness or children.


Still from the film "Korolev" (2007)


The actress did not have a relationship with the children - they say, because of her character. Fateeva herself admitted that she worked too much and did not devote time to her family. After the divorce, the artist's children were looked after by a housekeeper. The son was oppressed by the fact that his mother constantly disappears at work and does not pay attention to him and his sister: since childhood, the boy dreamed of a strong family and got married early. He brought his wife home, but Fateeva prevented the young from living and kicked them out of the house at the first opportunity. Vladimir was helped by Basov, who suddenly woke up with paternal feelings. The actress was also indifferent to the appearance of her first grandson.

Having learned about the pregnancy of 16-year-old Natasha from the son of operator Maxim Koroptsov, the artist forced her daughter to have an abortion. But the deadlines were no longer allowed and the girl gave birth to a boy, whom the grandmother wanted to hand over to the baby's house. The actress herself signed a waiver of the child, since her daughter was not 18 years old. Neither daughter nor son of Fateeva forgave her for this act.

A couple of years ago Natalia underwent several operations on the hip joint. She assured that her friend paid for the treatment. The Honored Artist of the RSFSR, who can hardly move, is helped only by her friend, producer Bari Alibasov. According to some media reports, it is he who pays for the treatment of 84-year-old Natalya and sometimes provides his car.

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