How Is “just Mary” Living Now?

How Is “just Mary” Living Now?
How Is “just Mary” Living Now?

The star of one of the most popular TV series in Russia, 57-year-old Mexican Victoria Ruffo, plays in the theater and enjoys life.

The Mexican TV series "Just Maria" about a poor girl with a difficult fate, who then achieved both wealth and fame in the post-Soviet space, was received with a bang. And Victoria Ruffo, who played the main role, immediately became the number 1 star among our compatriots.

Mexican Victoria Ruffo began acting at the age of 18. A career in cinema was on an ascending line. While filming the TV series Just Maria, she met her husband Eugenio, who was the son of the actress Sylvia Derbes, who played Don Mati in the telenovela.

A few years later, the couple had a son. However, then a divorce followed. Moreover, with a scandal. For a long time, the former could not improve their relationship. And only recently, Eugenio, who is a comic actor, invited his ex-wife to participate in one of the sketches, where she jokingly ridiculed his personal qualities and their conflict.

The second time Ruffo married the politician Omar Fayad and gave birth to twins: a boy and a girl. With her second husband Becoming a mother of many children, the actress was forced to give up many roles. She put the family in the first place. At the same time, she was offered very high fees.

She returned to the film industry much later. Now she periodically starred in TV series, but no longer in the main roles. Now in her life, theater is of greater importance. She is involved in several productions.

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