Anastasia Volochkova Showed A Photo With Her Father

Anastasia Volochkova Showed A Photo With Her Father
Anastasia Volochkova Showed A Photo With Her Father

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The star does not forget about a loved one.


The famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova visited her father, who lives in St. Petersburg. The star shared a picture with dad in his apartment. Again, it was not without condemnation on the web. Many continue to wonder why Anastasia Volochkova will not take her sick dad, who suffered a double stroke and now does not speak. And every photo with my father provokes just such disputes.

“Everything is so modest with my father, maybe he doesn't need much, but it would be better if she took it to her and it would be pleasant for him from the care of her daughter, and not from the nurses …”, “Of course he should be taken to him, let him be in front of your eyes”, "Nastya, can you take your dad to your place?" in luxury, and the parents all live in the old apartment, with old furniture "," Why doesn't he take it to himself ?! Or in old age she does not need him. Remember once a year for a tick and bring a cake”,“Take your dad to your place, it will be easier for you!”,“Health to your dad! Take him to your place more often. You, granddaughter, nature, - he will be happy, "the subscribers advised the ballerina.

However, not everyone was so categorical in relation to Anastasia Volochkova. “Maybe dad doesn't want to? The elderly almost always do not want to change their habitual place of residence. We also have an old grandmother, thank God she is not paralyzed, but still. She does not want to go to us, we propose, we go to her every other day. And Nastya's dad, although paralyzed, has someone to look after him. And if he is in the mind, even partially, the move is possible only with his consent. I think so”,“Some old people want to live out their days in their native walls, and begging them to move is useless”,“Nastya, don't listen to anyone. Well done, you are a caring daughter. Parents now do not want to live with their children, they want freedom in their corner. I know by my own. And you are a caring daughter, you are doing everything right. And you won't please everyone”,“It is very difficult to persuade the elderly to leave the place they have acquired, where acquaintances, friends, neighbors are. What will the father do in the mansion? Miss? And so at least sometimes familiar people come to him, the atmosphere is dear,”the ballerina supported on the Web.

Note that the father of the famous ballerina, the champion of the Soviet Union in table tennis in 1983, the ex-coach in athletics at the sports school, Yuri Fedorovich Volochkov, turned 71 on August 1. Traditionally, on this day, the star visits his dad, who lives in St. Petersburg. Anastasia's fans appreciated that her daughter did not forget about her father and came to the Northern capital.

Recall that in the past, Yuri Fedorovich suffered a double stroke. Since then, his life has changed significantly: he does not speak. However, neither the ballerina nor her mother forget about him, despite the fact that Volochkova's parents divorced many years ago.

Note that the daughter of the famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova recently celebrated her 13th birthday. The famous mother, together with the former common-law husband, the girl's father, businessman Igor Vdovin, arranged a luxurious holiday for the child. Ariadne was able to call all her friends and have fun with them the way she wanted.

As Letidor already said, the birthday girl began to celebrate the holiday the day before her birthday - her mother allowed her to invite her friends to visit. Therefore, Ariadne first had fun with them at home, diving in the home pool, jumping on a trampoline and being surprised at the huge number of balloons that decorated her room. And in the afternoon, on September 23, the girl, together with her friends and her mother, went to celebrate her birthday with the rest of her friends.

It was also important for Ariadne that her father Igor Vdovin did not forget about her. Moreover, Anastasia Volochkova said: "This time, dad Igor took over the organization of the holiday."

Recall that Anastasia Volochkova is raising her only daughter, Ariadne. The star has no other children. The girl grows up very active and has long been showing on social networks how she loves to sing and dance. The ballerina spares no money and allows the girl to learn from good dance and vocal teachers. Mom's daughter does not disappoint, some time ago she even recorded her own song, and later persuaded her friends to create a dance group called Power Bank.

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