Results Of The Year: What Women Have Changed In

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Results Of The Year: What Women Have Changed In
Results Of The Year: What Women Have Changed In

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it can go over in my head the gloomy events that have taken place over the past year. Remember the important female achievements! Feel the power and power to influence the world around you through the example of these women.

Natalie Hampton and the introverted app


Whether she was only 17, she had no friends, and every meal in high school was a punishment for her. She was insulted, shoved and spoiled by food. After moving to a new school, Hampton decided to help people fight trolls and bullies by creating the Sit with Us app. It helps you find people who also don't know who to sit with for dinner. The innovative idea attracted the interest of 100 thousand people in 8 different countries.

Katya Romanovskaya and the alarm button

The owner of the Russian company Nimb presented the product in the form of a ring that works as an "alarm button", allowing the owner to discreetly send a distress signal to loved ones, relatives and the police. A traumatic personal experience pushed her to create such a tool: when Katya was 16, they tried to kill her with a knife, and the girl was saved only by the fact that she shouted loudly, attracting the attention of neighbors.

Irene Nkosi and HIV pregnancy

Nkosi was a teenager when she found out she became HIV positive in her second pregnancy. In her home country of South Africa, more than 5 million people have HIV or AIDS.

Ostracized by her culture, she was able to learn about the existence of mothers2mothers, a specialized group of doctors who help HIV-infected women prevent their children from becoming infected.

Demi Lovato and mental health

The singer shared her story of her struggle with bipolar disorder and an eating disorder. Teaming up with Global Citiezen and Save the Children, she launched Healing and Education Through the Arts in Iraq for children affected by the war.


shared her stories feeling responsible for those fans who say she saved their lives.

Maria Schriever and the fight against Alzheimer's

This woman learned about her illness in 2003, and his daughter devoted all her efforts to researching the disease and brain function. Unfortunately, two thirds of the cases are women. Maria founded the Women's Movement Against Alzheimer's, which investigates the risks and finds a cure.

Jessica Alba and non-toxic products

data-article-text-tag href = "/ person / alba-dzhessika /" class = "j-article-text-tag j-article-text-tag-person biqpf-autotag"> Jessica is a sensitive organism and it was passed on to her children. She can get a serious reaction even to a simple shampoo. To address this issue, the actress founded the Honest Company, which has grown into a multi-billion dollar business empire of non-toxic beauty products this year.

Karissa Bodnar and charity cosmetics

Karissa started a vegan cosmetics company with no animal testing.


she lost one friend to cancer over the past year, and for every Thrive product she buys, one copy goes to a charity dedicated to women undergoing chemotherapy or domestic violence.

Patty Jenkins and the success of women's cinema

Are you in a time when we thought superhero movies would only appeal to fans of the comic book genre? Jenkins silenced all skeptics by releasing Wonder Woman, which broke all records for the highest grossing film with a female director.

Susan Fowler and workplace harassment

Er drew attention to the many internal harassment and sexism prevailing in Uber. Her detailed account blew up the English-language internet in February 2017. The company had to launch an internal investigation, which resulted in the firing of 20 employees, including the CEO.

Falon Fatemi and the search engine

Fatemi was the youngest employee of Google - at the time of the official device she was only 19 years old.


In 2010, the girl was able to launch a system that uses artificial intelligence to find potential new customers, which helped corporations to get more than $ 100 million in revenue.

Priscilla Chan and Free Education

Zilla is the manager of a charity co-founded with her husband, Mark Zuckerberg. She has launched several nonprofit schools around the world and invested in several small startups in the fields of engineering, science and education.

Dina Muhammad and the Muslim superheroine

The young girl draws the comic strip "Kahera" - a story about a Muslim superheroine who wears a hijab, is a master with a sword and can fly. Her mission is to help women who face sexual harassment. Dina's work went viral on the Internet and social media as a symbol of the fight against Islamophobia.

The Glitter and The Handmaid's Story and Cultural Change

Television series in 2017 highlighted the importance of stories that target women. The women were able to showcase fun and action-packed projects that revolutionize the culture of male dominance. How could we have imagined before that we would have a series in which girls in shiny costumes beat each other?

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