The Most Beautiful Weapon Of The Kremlin: The Tragedy Of The Soviet Sophia Loren

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The Most Beautiful Weapon Of The Kremlin: The Tragedy Of The Soviet Sophia Loren
The Most Beautiful Weapon Of The Kremlin: The Tragedy Of The Soviet Sophia Loren

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She was called "the most beautiful weapon of the Kremlin", all the men of the Soviet Union dreamed of her favor, women envied her beauty. But youth and fame, alas, are temporary phenomena. And popularity, coupled with beauty, does not guarantee happiness at all. The fate of Regina Zbarskaya is a vivid confirmation of this.


The mystery of birth

There are two versions of the birth of a girl with an unusual name Regina. The first, quite usual: the father of the future star of the catwalks was a retired officer, and my mother worked as a doctor. Another version - the girl was brought up in an orphanage after the death of her parents, who were circus performers and tragically died during one of the performances. It was the second birth story that they preferred to tell fans of the media fashion models.

The path to glory

After school, Regina went to conquer Moscow. The girl wanted to become an actress, dreamed of popularity, but, having decided that she would not get to the acting department without "blat", she chose the economics department of VGIK.

While still a student, Regina began to attend events where the capital's elite gathered: diplomats, directors, artists. Realizing early that natural beauty is her ticket to a cloudless future, the girl skillfully used her charm. Several times she was even invited to screen tests, but, alas, Regina's talent was not enough and the career of an actress remained a dream.

But fate still gave the persistent girl a chance: at one of the secular parties, the artist and fashion designer Vera Aralova noticed Regina, who invited the girl with a memorable appearance to work at the All-Union House of Models on Kuznetsky Most.

Lucky ticket

It seemed that Regina pulled out a lucky ticket: the podium lifted her to the pinnacle of success. From the most ordinary girl she turned into a star. Everyone in the fashion world knew her name, Regina finally got what she was striving for - fame and privileges.

But popularity is always accompanied by envy and gossip. After a triumphant trip to Paris in 1961, where the models represented the Soviet Union at a fashion show, rumors spread about Regina's collaboration with the KGB.


RIA News

They said that after that trip, the beautiful model was made clear that she should “work hard for the good of the Motherland” if she wants to continue her trips abroad. It is not known for certain what information Regina "handed over" to interested people and whether she did it at all. Rather yes than no: after all, the girl was the only fashion model who was allowed abroad to freely leave for the city on her business.

Personal happiness

Of course, the incredible beauty with bottomless eyes had many fans, but, alas, the girl's personal life did not work out. Although it all started just fine. Of the many men who sought her location, Regina chose the artist Lev Zbarsky (it was under the name of her husband that the whole world recognized the girl). For seven years she was a muse for her husband, he introduced her to many famous and influential people, including Pierre Cardin and Yves Montand.

But the artist and the fashion model did not work out a real family. In 1967, Zbarskaya found out that she was pregnant. The news did not become joyful: Regina had plans to travel to Montreal. I had to choose between a child and a career. The girl chose the latter. They say that her husband, who did not want children, played an important role in making this decision. Zbarskaya decided to have an abortion.

Broken life

And further in the life of Zbarskaya, a black streak began. The husband left for another woman, actress Lyudmila Maksakova, who, by the way, gave birth to his son. This betrayal was a terrible blow to Regina, but she did not give up hope of returning her beloved man. However, she soon learned that Leo was leaving the country.This was the last straw for the exhausted nervous system of the girl, she tried to commit suicide. They managed to save Regina, but was placed in a psychiatric hospital for several months.

When Zbarskaya left the hospital, she was again invited to the podium. It seemed that life was beginning to improve. In 1973, Regina had an affair with a Yugoslav journalist. But the happiness was short-lived. The foreign lover returned to his homeland, and soon his book "One Hundred Nights with Regina Zbarskaya" was published in Germany. The journalist revealed the innermost secrets of the Soviet fashion model, which, according to him, she shared with him during their romance. Frank photographs, details of intimate life, denunciations - all this is told in his book by the former lover of Zbarskaya. The book, of course, did not appear in the USSR.


Shot from the movie "The Red Queen"

And again Regina, shocked by yet another betrayal, decided to die. And again, doctors arrived in time and months in a psychiatric clinic awaited her.

The last time Regina starred for a fashion magazine in 1984. Due to mental illness, the former queen of the catwalk was fired from the Model House. Due to a lack of livelihood, Zbarskaya agreed to work as a cleaner where she once shone, where she was called a style icon and "Soviet Sophia Loren". Watching the young models, Regina hoped that none of them would have to repeat her fate.

A star, a style icon, a beauty who turned the heads of men all over the world, Regina Zbarskaya lost everything: love, fame, honor On November 15, 1987, Zbarskaya took a handful of pills right in the hospital and fell asleep to never wake up again. The third attempt by the former podium queen was crowned with success. Nobody came to see the "Soviet Sophia Loren" on its last journey.

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