From Worker To President: Marilyn Monroe's Beloved Men

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From Worker To President: Marilyn Monroe's Beloved Men
From Worker To President: Marilyn Monroe's Beloved Men

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Many fans think that they know everything about the legendary actresses, but the most famous Hollywood and European film stars of the 20th century managed to leave something behind a veil of secrets, like real women-mysteries. begins a "series" in which it will reveal all the details of the personal life of cult stars.


The other day, American Norma Jean Baker, who at the beginning of her career in Hollywood changed her modest name to a much more sonorous and remembered by millions of Marilyn Monroe (and also dyed her platinum blonde), could have turned 93 years old. As alluring and sexy as she was, she was just as unattainable - in general, one of the most beautiful women in the world.

There were many rumors about Marilyn Monroe's novels during her lifetime, which after her death turned into legends and overgrown with piquant details, as is usually the case with celebrities of this magnitude. The only thing that can be said for sure: Marilyn loved and was loved, although at times she felt lonely. In our material, we will recall those lucky ones who left their mark in the bright and full of dramatic events, albeit such a short one, Marilyn's life.

Jim Dougherty

The first time Norma Jeane got married when she was barely 16 years old. Her chosen one turned out to be a neighbor's boyfriend - 20-year-old Jim Dougherty. The decision was very hasty, but for Norma at that time it was the only correct one.

The fact is that the adoptive parents, who brought up the future screen star (her biological mother was alive, but gave her daughter to her guardians), decided to move to West Virginia, and the girl had to arrange her life on her own. Therefore, the proposal of the humble Dougherty was very welcome.

However, the first tender feelings of the girl, who was so eager to find a family, faded as soon as she faced a serious choice: a brilliant career in Hollywood or an absolutely mediocre, ordinary life with her husband in the American outback. In addition, Jim's character turned out to be difficult. He loved to drink and was almost always in questionable companies. In an interview in 1956, Marilyn admitted that she even wanted to commit suicide during this marriage:

We rarely spoke to my husband. And not at all because they were offended or quarreled. We just had nothing to say to each other. I was dying of boredom.

Who knows how the career and fate of the girl would have developed if the photographer David Conover, who took pictures of women working in production, had not been brought by chance to the aircraft plant where she worked then. Impressed by Norma's appearance, Conover invited her to pose for $ 5 an hour. She agreed without hesitation, and after a while left the disgusted plant and began to try herself in the modeling business.

But her husband flatly refused to let his young wife go to photo shoots and auditions (apparently jealous), and Monroe was so inspired by the idea of ​​becoming famous that it was simply impossible to keep her in the family at the hearth. As a result, in 1946, four years after the wedding, the paths of these young people parted forever.

Howard Hughes

Norma Jean's career took off: the girl appeared on the cover of the popular Life magazine four times. Scrolling through one of the numbers, billionaire Howard Hughes became interested in the rising star and decided to get to know the charming Norma by all means.


Between the blonde (the agent advised Marilyn to change the name and hair color), a beauty and a talented rich man, there was a short romance, but Hughes's big name was enough to increase the interest in the young actress from the press and producers by a hundred times.

Howard Hughes, definitely, played an important role in the development of Monroe's career, but did not want to become something more for the girl, and she was eager for her dream - to act in films. As a result, Marilyn went free swimming and continued to achieve her main goal.

Joe DiMaggio

The second husband of Marilyn was ex-baseball player Joe DiMaggio. It seemed that this time everything will turn out well. 25-year-old Marilyn liked the 37-year-old gallant man, whose sports career at that time ended. The main thing is that Di Maggio looked advantageous against the background of the young Dougherty: this man respected Monroe's point of view, it seemed, he was ready to love and protect her. In addition - a definite plus for the actress - the former baseball player was well-known in many social circles, previously inaccessible to an ambitious girl.


There was no more popular couple in America then, and the synergy effect did its job: they started talking about each of them with renewed vigor. However, a beautiful picture often hides an unsightly truth: the insane jealous Joe in regular quarrels allowed himself to raise his hand to the miniature blonde, regardless of whether the girl gave the girl a reason for jealousy or not. The problem was also that the temperamental Marilyn constantly needed new bright impressions and acquaintances, and the conservative homebody Joe believed that the ideal of a wife was modesty and obedience. In the end, DiMaggio filed for divorce, offended by the famous scene from the movie "The Seven Year Itch", where the air flow flutters and lifts the hem of Marilyn's dress.

"I should never have married him. I could not become an Italian housewife, which he wanted to make of me. And I became his wife, because I just felt sorry for this man, he seemed so lonely and timid",

- said later Marilyn.

But, oddly enough, it is Joe who is called the only man who actually fell in love with Marilyn. After the divorce, the actress was even able to maintain friendly relations with the ex-spouse. Once Monroe jokingly took from her former lover a promise to send roses to her grave every week. Do you think DiMaggio fulfilled the desire of the woman of his life? By the way, only he was one of all her lovers who came to see Marilyn on her last journey. “She is not a star, she is my wife,” he said.

Arthur Miller

Marriage for crazy love can be called the third official registration of relations for Marilyn. With Arthur Miller, the blonde wanted to spend the rest of her life: the famous playwright, intellectual, and just an adult, experienced man admired the actress and seemed an indisputable authority. And for him, Marilyn was a celestial, "the girl from the TV", a brilliant and unique star. Arthur told the press that next to such a woman he did not mind dying. But, unfortunately, all this was only at the beginning of the relationship.

After a couple of years, Miller realized that he had married an ordinary woman, who, moreover, is full of fears and complexes, often gets depressed and in fact does not love herself. Such a Marilyn burdened and annoyed her husband. But the actress was also quickly bored with the selfish intellectual snob, who was also very petty and greedy (it turned out that Miller had not paid a single restaurant bill during the marriage). Arthur's subsequent alienation and cruel indifference even drove Marilyn to a mental institution. She took handfuls of pills, washed them down with alcohol, and once poisoned so badly that Arthur barely had time to save her.

Monroe was twice pregnant by her husband, but both attempts were unsuccessful: the first time the pregnancy was ectopic, and then there was a miscarriage. The reason for the final quarrel was a diary entry that Arthur made just a few weeks (!) After the wedding:

"It seems to me that she is a small child, I hate her! Her ignorance is annoying, especially since she is married to one of the smartest people of her time!"

It was, of course, about the actress. When Marilyn saw this tape, of course, she was shocked.She and Miller had a big fight and soon divorced.

Yves Montand

Frenchman Yves and Marilyn met on the set of Let's Make Love. The name disposed: the stars really made love, and more than once. Later, the actor admitted that Monroe took him literally by storm. Montand said that at the dawn of their relationship, the actress knocked on his door, and when he opened it, the diva threw off her mink coat, under which there was nothing.

But the passionate romance ended as quickly as it began - right after the end of the filming process. The fact is that Yves was married to his colleague Simone Signora, and Marilyn herself was still married to Arthur Miller. Moreover, the four of them became friends in pairs! But this did not stop the intellectuals Simone and Arthur from constantly demonstrating their condescending attitude towards Marilyn, which, of course, very much hurt her. As a result, Montand returned to his wife and managed to maintain friendship with Miller, preferring to disown Monroe.

Frank Sinatra

After her divorce from Miller, Monroe found solace in the arms of her longtime friend, the famous singer Frank Sinatra, who was then left by another famous beauty - actress Ava Gardner.


The couple met for several months, and, as noted by close people from the singer's entourage, Monroe was very passionate about Sinatra, but the couple often quarreled. Nervous and emotional Marilyn tired Frank too much.

The singer himself later claimed that he sincerely wanted to save Marilyn "from herself." By the way, that is why he invited the actress to marry him. But proud Monroe refused.

John F. Kennedy

The last and fatal romance of the legendary actress happened 10 years before her death. Marilyn Monroe and American President John F. Kennedy met in 1951 and liked each other at first sight. But, according to the biographers, their romantic relationship began only three years after the first meeting.

The "secret" romance lasted six years, during which the couple obeyed Kennedy's harsh conspiracy. But their relationship quickly became known to both the public and the wife of John Jacqueline. Of all the husband's mistresses that existed then (yes, Monroe was not the only one), Jackie Kennedy hated Marilyn.

Meanwhile, love for Kennedy overwhelmed Marilyn, and she took their relationship seriously. But the social gap between the "impeccable" president and the actress who was overly addicted to alcohol and sedatives was too great. Mister President Marilyn sang her famous Happy birthday at the Kennedy 45th birthday party on May 19, 1962. John was very unhappy with the actress's trick and soon, as is commonly believed, broke up with his mistress, which made her plunge into severe depression.

But Marilyn didn't give up so easily. Under the influence of alcohol and tranquilizers, she became obsessive, regularly harassed Kennedy with calls and requests to legitimize their relationship. Her fatal mistake was the desire to divulge the details of her diary. The day before the press conference, she was gone: the end of Marilyn's life was put by a horse dose of sleeping pills, which the actress drank on the night of August 5, 1962, while in her bedroom. It was not possible to save her. The official version is still called suicide, but in 2014 a book was published in the United States - a journalistic investigation, according to which Marilyn Monroe was killed by lethal injection, and the customer of the crime was the president's brother Robert Kennedy (with whom the blonde also had a short affair).

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