20 To 60: Successful Women About Their Lives

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20 To 60: Successful Women About Their Lives
20 To 60: Successful Women About Their Lives
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There is something incredibly liberating about aging. You finally say goodbye to your demons and accept the body that was given to you once and for all, although not everyone succeeds. Heroine magazine has collected life advice of stylish and successful women who chose not to struggle with time, but to be honest and love themselves. They are useful for women of any age.


Linda Roden

At 68, Linda Roden is one of the most stylish and beautiful women on the planet. She was a model, but is now better known as a stylist. She has dressed many stars - from Madonna to Gisele Bündchen and Adriana Lima. Linda's good-natured attitude towards age and beauty makes other women follow her example.

I don't think 66 is old age; it's just that in our culture 26 years is already old age, - she said in an interview. - I have so many friends who are older than me who also feel young. In fashion and beauty circles, I am a strange bird, but in the broader context of the world I am not.

The key to caring for Linda is getting a good sleep.

I sleep a lot and take good care of myself. I eat very well. I don’t go in for sports, so I don’t have any regimen for that. I guess I'm just sleeping well and eating well. I really think this is the key for me.

Christie Brinkley

American actress, model, singer, social activist Christie Brinkley has changed very little since she was a shining California girl. She takes good care of her face, but does not welcome plastic surgery. Christy is rejuvenated by her lively facial expressions and an open smile.

First of all, I want women not to feel pressured to look a certain way. I want them to focus on feeling great. When you feel great, you radiate a certain energy, which translates to beautiful. I don't care if you have standard beauty or not, this is the X factor that comes and the basis for that is good health.

How to love your body in two weeks

You only need to make one small change in your life every day.

Diana Keaton

Actress Diana Keaton has always been known for her sharply negative attitude towards plastic surgery. She encourages women to be bold, to accept their shortcomings and see them as advantages.

I'm talking about finding something that helps you get out of the house every day, I'm talking about the shortcomings that your life eventually takes over. The ineptitude that makes you who you are. I'm talking about women who make us see beauty where we have never seen it; about women who turn wrong into right.

Keaton emphasizes that he respects women who are not afraid to look out of place and do what they are not supposed to.

Iman Abdulmajid

David Bowie's widow, model Iman doesn't take aging too seriously. Her impeccable appearance does not raise any thoughts of age at all.

I'm African, so it's okay. We are not worried about this. We don't celebrate birthdays. I know that I am 53, but my birthday is not something that I dread or look forward to.

She finds happiness in simple things.

I am a very calm person. My daughters make me happy. Nice weather makes me very happy lately. It's easy to be happy.

Diana Furstenberg

French fashion designer Diane Furstenberg is a leader, mentor (she has trained many young designers as president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America), mother and successful entrepreneur. Her long list of accomplishments inspires women all over the world. She has one simple piece of advice for women.

The most important relationships you have in life are those you have with you. And after that, I would say that once you have it (harmony with yourself - ed.), It can be hard work, but you can really create your life.

Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson made history as the first black woman in Vogue in 1974. Since then, she has continued to prove her supermodel status. Her career has paved the way for ethnic diversity in the fashion industry, and she has personally mentored many young models along the way. Johnson has graced nearly 500 magazine covers and even wrote her Beverly Johnson's Guide to Living a Beautiful, Healthy Life. When talking about age, she notes that the most important thing is to do what makes you feel good inside and out.

It depends on each person and what makes them feel good. There are many women who love it when their hair turns gray and they enjoy not dyeing their hair all the time. They love the way they look with gray hair.

Kim Basinger

Actress, fashion model, singer Kim Basinger is convinced that her interest in life helps her stay in demand and look great.

I am very grateful that I have had so many different years. There are many things in this life that I want to do, and I cannot do all of them. I know that my mailbox will be full the day I leave the planet.

Jackie O'Shaughnessy

Jackie's story is similar to a typical modeling career - representatives of the clothing brand accidentally met her in a restaurant and offered to cooperate. The exception is that Jackie was 60 at the time and had no modeling experience at all. In 2011, she starred for Advanced Basics in lingerie with the slogan: "Sexuality has no expiration date." Jackie admits that it was difficult to love herself, but she did it. The best advice she can give women is accept yourself.

Beauty is really a matter of perception. This is culture. The dictates of society can drain you if you buy into it. Each age has its own advantages and challenges. Accept your current position. Not tomorrow, not in 10 pounds, not after you do this or that. Now. Love yourself. This is a springboard to everything else.

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