Mick Jagger Surprised By An Unusual Rider

Mick Jagger Surprised By An Unusual Rider
Mick Jagger Surprised By An Unusual Rider

Video: Mick Jagger Surprised By An Unusual Rider

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The frontman of the British rock band The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger introduced the rider. The list of requirements included an unusual but important wish for a musician. Otherwise, he will fail during the tour. This was reported by The Daily Mail, citing a source.

The vocalist requests that a new mattress be put in every hotel he stays at during the tour. Moreover, this requirement is the same for everyone - the level of the hotel does not matter.

In addition, Jagger asks someone to sleep on an unpacked mattress. You need it to try it out.

The Rolling Stones went on a long-awaited tour, which was temporarily postponed due to Jagger's heart surgery. Initially, the rock band was supposed to start in April, but in the end it first appeared on the stage on June 21. The musicians have planned 17 concerts in 15 cities in America and Canada. The tour will end at the end of August.

The vocalist successfully underwent surgery at a New York clinic on April 4. Doctors replaced him with an artificial heart valve.

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