Mom Felt Something And Came: How Lera Kudryavtseva Almost Died At The Hands Of Her Boyfriend

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Mom Felt Something And Came: How Lera Kudryavtseva Almost Died At The Hands Of Her Boyfriend
Mom Felt Something And Came: How Lera Kudryavtseva Almost Died At The Hands Of Her Boyfriend
Video: Mom Felt Something And Came: How Lera Kudryavtseva Almost Died At The Hands Of Her Boyfriend
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At first glance, Lera's life is a continuous holiday: beautiful dresses, solemn ceremonies, constant communication with celebrities. And until some time no one could even imagine the horror that the famous presenter had to endure.

Drummer Sergei and son Jean

Lera fell in love with a young girl. Yes, not in someone, but in the musician of the most popular group at that time "Laskoviy May". Sergey Lenyuk played drums in the band. A hot romance broke out between the young people. Lera went everywhere with "Tender May", sometimes skipping classes at the institute

Upon learning about the pregnancy, Lera told her beloved about this. He was delighted and offered to get married. So the son, who was named Jean (in honor of Jean-Claude Van Damme), was born legally.

And everything would be fine if not for Sergei's constant betrayal. While Lera and her little son were waiting for him at home, the musician was "hanging out" with might and main with the girls, and they did not hesitate to call his wife and talk about her husband's adventures.

They eventually divorced. Lera experienced severe depression. But it all ends someday, and she managed to cope with this life's difficulty.

To forget Sergei, Lera plunged headlong into work. She did not miss a single casting, agreed to all offers, and soon her perseverance and hard work bore fruit - she became recognizable, popular on television.

The beauty and the Beast

Crowds of fans circled around, naturally. Among them, one stood out - Dmitry, wealthy, loyal and very caring. Soon Lera could no longer imagine life without him: Dmitry fulfilled all her desires, took her to resorts, showered gifts, and the young beautiful woman simply could not help falling in love.

Life became like a fairy tale, they lived together in the center of Moscow, spent their holidays in the most prestigious hotels

But one day everything changed. At first, Dmitry stopped letting Leroux go to see her friends. The prohibitions took on an increasingly rough form. Then Lera discovered the surveillance - her lover equipped her car with "bugs", they were even installed in the presenter's bags!

Further - more: a powerful businessman offered a lot of money to the management of the TV channel so that Leroux would be fired. He was refused. He was jealous of her work, friends

Lera began to be afraid of him. Especially after he locked her at home - one, two, three. It was impossible to leave - he forcefully returned her to his apartment and locked her up again.

And once he beat me. He beat her so badly that Lera turned, in her own words, into a "piece of meat" - she kicked, in the face, on the head, in the stomach, with "terrible screams." Leaving the woman lying on the floor, Dmitry left, locking her alone in the apartment. Leroux was saved by her mother - feeling something, the woman arrived and stumbled upon a locked door. They had to break it, then call an ambulance

Lera had to get out of this episode for a long time, she did not want any new relationship. And yet, a third man appeared in her life, who became her second husband - businessman Maxim Matveev. But it did not work out with him either - once it turned out that Maxim was a swindler. He was jailed.

An affair with Lazarev and her husband is a hockey player

For several years, Kudryavtseva met with the famous singer Sergei Lazarev. Some called their relationship a "PR romance", but Lera herself always assured that they had sincere feelings. And they parted without offense or reproach - it was just the time had come.

And in 2013, fans gasped when they learned that Lera Kudryavtseva accepted a marriage proposal from hockey player Igor Makarov. It seems that Lera has finally got a "safe haven" where she is loved, where she is warm and comfortable. In 2018, a daughter appeared in the family, who was named Maria.

We congratulate Leru Kudryavtseva on her birthday and wish, first of all, family happiness for many years to come!

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