The Infamous Heirs To The Stars

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The Infamous Heirs To The Stars
The Infamous Heirs To The Stars

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In childhood, they went to circles and sections, preparing to become doctors and astronauts. However, the kids have grown up a long time ago, and along with them the number of problems that have fallen on their parents has increased.

Social networks were struck by new pictures of the daughter of tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov. 21-year-old Alesya posted on Instagram a series of photos from the shoot made for the Chinese version of fashion gloss.

“I can't get enough of my work coming out, especially if it's in such magazines!”

- admires Alesya in the signature to the post.

More recently, the media wrote about the girl's depression and her use of illegal substances, a loving dad tried to reason with his daughter. And, fortunately, he did it - Alesya returned to her beloved work and restored relations with a young man, rapper Pharaoh. Kafelnikova is not the only one who at one time surprised the public - compiled a selection of stellar offspring.

Alexander Plushenko

Fans of producer Yana Rudkovskaya were delighted and moved when her youngest son first skated, following in his father's footsteps. However, grueling training and regular shows could not help but change the character of the child. Sasha gets tired of classes, which his mother said more than once, but he has no choice to stay at home to watch TV or go to training. In the comments to the video, where the baby rudely responds to his parents and literally screams about not filming him on camera, fans fear that in the future the child's character will become unbearable.

Anastasia Voronina-Francisco

In her first marriage, actress Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina gave birth to a daughter, Nastya, who, after a divorce from her husband, was taken up by the parents of her ex-husband. The actress tried to return the child by filing lawsuits, but everything was in vain - Nastya herself refused to live with her mother.

As she got older, the girl tried to enter VGIK, but failed in the last round of entrance examinations. Instead of trying again, she decided to go down the slippery slope - illegally selling clothes and transporting illegal substances until she was caught. It was after the sentencing that Anastasia realized the gravity of the situation and decided to resume relations with the famous parent, and at the same time with her sister Olga.

Shiloh Jolie

The daughter of an acting couple from an early age associated herself with the male sex. In the United States, such cases are not rare - in adolescence, children with gender identification problems are prescribed a course of hormonal drugs in order to prepare them for subsequent surgery. Russian fans of the actors did not accept their decision, believing that 13-year-old Shiloh's baggy clothes and short hair were just a childish prank that their parents misunderstood.

Vladimir Tikhonov

The son of actress Nonna Mordyukova died too early - he was only 40 years old. His father, the famous actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov, accused his ex-wife of everything: she allegedly overlooked the child. Nonna herself reproached herself all her life for being on the set almost around the clock and not paying enough attention to her son.

Blue Ivy

The daughter of singer Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z has been bathed in luxury since childhood: the girl was rolled in a stroller covered with precious stones and fed in a designer chair. Having become a little older, Blue Ivy was presented with a thoroughbred Arabian horse just to entertain the baby. What can we say about the whim of Beyoncé to take her daughter to her own birth? I wonder what kind of girl will grow up - spoiled or able to value herself? What do you think?

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