How Urgant's Daughter Accidentally Humiliated Her Dad By Speaking Out Against Racism

How Urgant's Daughter Accidentally Humiliated Her Dad By Speaking Out Against Racism
How Urgant's Daughter Accidentally Humiliated Her Dad By Speaking Out Against Racism

There are not many scandals associated with the name of Ivan Urgant. But the other day on the Web they loudly discussed the behavior of his daughter, who offended the honor and dignity of her father.

The scandal erupted around 19-year-old Erica, daughter of Urgant's wife Natalia Kiknadze from her first marriage. The young beauty, whom Ivan always considered his daughter, studies in New York and lives with her dark-skinned lover Musa. The couple does not hide their bright love, regularly posting naughty photos and videos on Instagram.


Of course, Erica fully supports her boyfriend now that a wave of peaceful, and not so, demonstrations against racism has swept across the United States. Erica decided to walk in the ranks of the protesters arm in arm with her lover.

The girl herself was with a harmless poster "legalize melanin." Everything would be fine, but only on the poster Musa had an extremely provocative inscription:

"The system is fucking us tougher than we are fucking your daughters."

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Of course, the inscription was immediately associated with the girl and her family, and especially with her popular father.

"On the left in the collage you see a protesting Erica with her boyfriend. On the right, Ivan Urgant hugs her: his then still little daughter."

Did Erica think about what it would be like for her father, mother, grandparents to read the inscription on the poster …

In protesting against racial discrimination, Erica made the most real discrimination against herself.

The guy spits in her face, her father, her ancestors, and Erica does not even think to pull him down! ", - the scandalous blogger Lena Miro commented on the situation.

Erica herself received dozens of comments about how her act was ugly towards her family. Most are sure that such a poster shows the guy's extremely disrespectful attitude towards Erica's family and, in general, "towards her entire white family."

Of course, a little later, the girl realized what a scandal erupted around one poster, which her beloved proudly carried over her head.

Erica decided to clarify the situation and published a text on her Instagram, in which she indicated that she "did not take into account the fact that this inscription can be read differently."

“I would never choose to be with someone who does not respect me and my family. The words on the poster were never directed at me or at my father.

Black men are over-sexualized and often exploited to the point where they fail to live up to standards. Think for yourself how many stereotypes there are on this topic.

As for the word "daughters", he wrote this because earlier the parents of some of his friends did not want their daughters / sons to communicate with him, because he is not white, "the girl wrote in stories on her Instagram account.

After that, Musa himself intervened and explained the text on his poster in a similar way.

"I have never been disrespectful to Erica or to her loved ones. I love her family very much. My poster and message, like everything we fight for, was turned inside out and perceived as disrespect for her and her family. My message was ignored again and again. made me an enemy. My skin color is "sexualized." I have heard many times in my life that it is only good for intimacy. I am just a person, but most simply do not see it. My poster has nothing to do with Erica or her family. who makes me and other blacks feel this way, "Musa said.

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