7 Stars Who Get Along Well With Mother-in-law

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7 Stars Who Get Along Well With Mother-in-law
7 Stars Who Get Along Well With Mother-in-law

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Vladimir Presnyakov's birthday (March 29, the singer turns 50) "Letidor" decided to find out who managed not only to "tame" his mother-in-law, but also to really make friends with her!

Maxim Vitorgan and Lyudmila Narusova (mother of Ksenia Sobchak)


The wedding of Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan in 2013 was a real surprise for everyone. The couple hid their serious intentions to the last, even from close people. Maxim's parents and Ksenia's mother learned about the wedding only when they were brought to a restaurant, where the newlyweds decided to celebrate an important event.

In November 2016, Xenia and Maxim had a son, Plato. Lyudmila Narusova admitted that she does not always agree with the methods of raising her grandson (from an early age, parents prepare their son for adulthood, for example, instead of lullabies they put Vivaldi's music for the boy).



But she admits that Xenia and Maxim are doing everything to educate Plato as a versatile personality.

the difference in views on the upbringing of a child, Maxim Vitorgan and Lyudmila Narusova have a warm relationship. Lyudmila Borisovna takes care of her son-in-law and enjoys it, which she confessed to the StarHit magazine, answering the question why Vitorgan lost so much weight after the wedding:

It's not about Ksyusha's hatred of fat men. The reason is trivial - she just pathologically does not like to cook, the refrigerator is always empty! And I pave the way to Maxim's heart through the stomach, since we live side by side. I try to feed tasty food. I learned that she doesn't like mushrooms - now I don't add them to dishes. We always have a stewed rabbit on the table - Maxim adores it. I cook borsch, bake pancakes, pies with cabbage. I like being a mother-in-law!

also pleases his mother-in-law. As Ksenia's mother admitted, the son-in-law never comes to visit without flowers. Maxim Vitorgan and Lyudmila Narusova spend a lot of time together: their mother-in-law goes to their son-in-law's performances, they discuss the news together on the Dozhd channel. It seems that Maxim Vitorgan managed to win the heart of Lyudmila Narusova!

Vlad Sokolovsky and Svetlana Gerasimovich (mother of Rita Dakota)

Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota (real name - Margarita Gerasimovich - Ed.) Met at the "Star Factory" in 2007, but then they were connected exclusively by friendly relations. After a while, they met again and realized that now there was something between them


Vlad made a marriage proposal to his beloved during his vacation in Bali. The approval of the future mother-in-law was so important to the artist that he called her in the middle of the night and said that he wanted to marry her daughter.


Instagram @vs 20; instagram @ ritadakota

"About love" the couple told how Dakota's mother reacted to this news. Svetlana replied:

Vlad, dear … Think well again!

As it turned out, the mother-in-law thought that she was being played, and could not believe that the young people had turned from friends into lovers.

Last month, the couple had a daughter, Mia. The whole family spends the winter in Bali. Of course, grandparents help new parents in everything.

Vladimir Presnyakov and Alla Pugacheva (mother of Christina Orbakaite)

The musician met the daughter of the Prima Donna in 1986 (then Christina was 16 years old, and Vladimir was 18 years old). As the stars themselves have repeatedly admitted, their romance developed very rapidly - they began to live together, and in 1991 19-year-old Orbakaite became a mother for the first time.

Despite the fact that there were problems in the family life of the lovers (on the air of the Secret for a Million program, Vladimir admitted to Lera Kudryavtseva that his relationship with Christina had crippled his infidelity and alcohol problems), Vladimir Presnyakov had a very warm relationship with his mother-in-law. By the way, it was Alla Pugacheva who helped young people to restore friendly relations after the break.



The prima donna always trusted her son-in-law and knew that he was taking care of her daughter. In their youth, the couple even lived with Alla Borisovna on Tverskaya, but this did not bother anyone at all.While the famous singer was on tour, Christina was under the care of Vladimir Presnyakov and his family.

ra Razzakova “Alla Pugacheva. 50 men of the Prima Donna”were quoted the words of the famous singer about the separation of her daughter from her son-in-law:

Christina and Volodya grew up early, they lived together for nine years. Their relationship, which seemed eternal and passionate, turned into purely brotherly. Therefore, they parted, which may be for the best. But there is a child - he is not guilty of anything. Dad often comes to us, in general, I love Volodya as a son

Idno, the attitude towards Presnyakov as a son did not go away - last year, on her Instagram, Alla Pugacheva touchingly congratulated her former son-in-law on his birthday: “Happy birthday, son, and thanks for the wonderful grandson.”

Vladimir Presnyakov and Nina Podolskaya (mother of Natalia Podolskaya)

It seems that Presnyakov is a real favorite of the mother-in-law, because with his other mother-in-law, the mother of Natalya Podolskaya, the artist also has warm family relations.

Vladimir Presnyakov met Natalya Podolskaya in 2005 on the set of the Big Races program. The couple did not immediately plunge into a serious relationship, because Natalya had recently experienced a breakup, and Presnyakov had a divorce from fashion designer Lena Lenskaya.

After an official break with Lenskaya in 2005, Vladimir and Natalia began an affair, in 2010 the couple got married, and five years later, the lovers had a son, Artemy.



Natalya Podolskaya admitted to the StarHit urnal that Vladimir and her mother have a wonderful relationship, they immediately found a common language:

Mom accepted Volodya immediately. They are two Aries, on the same wavelength. The husband asked permission to call his mother-in-law not by her first name and patronymic, but my mother and you. Of course, like in any family, quarrels occur in ours too: usually on the basis of the fact that the mother unnecessarily pampers her beloved grandson. But I am especially angry when, during our "showdown" with Vova, my mother takes the side of her husband. I stare at her in every way, I look sullenly

and Podolskaya found a common language not only with her son-in-law, but also with his mother.

In his free time, he communicates with her friends, including Vova's mother. They call up for all the holidays, Elena Petrovna often comes to visit. They are different in character, but both are kind, they love to laugh. And so the joint hobby appeared in the form of a Theme - the grandson of both of them adores,

Natalya said.

Joseph Prigogine and Galina Perfilova (Valeria's mother)

After an unhappy marriage with musician and producer Alexander Shulgin, Valeria met true love - Joseph Prigozhin. Of course, the tactful, obligatory man, head over heels in love with Valeria, liked his future mother-in-law. Despite the fact that the singer and Joseph Prigogine have no joint children (Valeria is raising two sons and a daughter from marriage with producer Alexander Shulgin - 24-year-old Anna, 23-year-old Artemy and 19-year-old Arseny), it is impossible not to notice that all members families treat each other as the dearest people in the world.


Starface, ru; Instagram @ madamgalina27

the Why Me? on the MIR TV channel, a well-known producer told about his relationship with his mother-in-law Galina Nikolaevna:

I have a very good mother-in-law. All my family jokes that even if I want to leave Valeria, I will not do it just because of my love for my mother-in-law.

Sergey Glushko and Lyudmila Poryvai (mother of Natasha Koroleva)

At first, the relationship between Lyudmila Poryvai and Sergei Glushko did not work out. Natasha Koroleva has repeatedly admitted that her mother first disliked Tarzan, because Igor Nikolaev was the best son-in-law for Lyudmila Ivanovna in the world.

frame "You Won't Believe" Sergei Glushko told how difficult it was for him to get to know his mother-in-law:

I was very afraid of the first meetings. And it was not in vain that I was afraid, because the whole background said that after the previous son-in-law it would be difficult for my mother to look at me. And so it was. I was upset after the first meeting, but Natasha immediately told me: “You should live with me!

But now, it seems, Glushko managed to impress his mother-in-law.


visualrian; starface, ru

“We speak and show” Lyudmila Poryvai said that now she even trains with her son-in-law:

He says: "Mom, we need to do push-ups." So I do push-ups, from everything. He lies down and I lie down. Grandson Arkhip lies down. And Natasha is watching us. And he counts who squeezed out how much. And I will wring out once and also lie down watching - for my son-in-law.

we imagine that Natasha Koroleva and Sergei Glushko had a son, Arkhip, in February 2002, and almost a year after this event, the lovers got married.

Sergey Zhukov and Taisiya Tatarovskaya (mother of Regina Burd)

Sergei Zhukov married singer Regina Burd in 2007. Now the couple are raising three children - 9-year-old Nika, 8-year-old Angel and 3-year-old Miron.

The singer has admitted many times that he is happy. Indeed, he has a really big family! But, unfortunately, grief is also an integral part of our life. In 2016, Sergei and Regina lost their fathers.

Caring for the family fell on the shoulders of Sergei, about which he spoke on the air of the program "Tonight".


Starface.ru; Instagram @burdregina

The star couple takes care of their mothers anxiously. So, during the filming of the program, Taisia ​​Fedorovna and Lilia Nailevna (Sergei's mother) went to rest in Europe (that is why the women could not be present on the air).

wow, Sergei told how her son-in-law treats her touchingly:

For the first time in our life we ​​went to Karlovy Vary to have a rest, thanks to our son for taking care of us and giving us the opportunity to see the world.

tsya, Taisia ​​Fyodorovna was really lucky with her son-in-law, because you can always rely on him.

Peter Maksakov and Marina Yudashkina (mother of Galina Yudashkina)

Peter's acquaintance with Galina Yudashkina began the way modern love stories usually develop. They saw each other in the company of mutual friends, began to find out details about each other from their acquaintances, and once Galina sent a smiley to Peter on a social network. After that, the lovers could no longer tear themselves away from each other.

In 2014, the couple legalized their relationship, and in 2016 the lovers had their firstborn son Anatoly, and very soon they will become parents for the second time.



Petr Maksakov's relationship with the girl's family took shape at once. Not everyone can immediately like the mother-in-law, but the young man succeeded. Marina Yudashkina in an interview with Hello magazine said that Peter made a good impression on her:

It all happened quite by accident. We were returning home, and Petya had just brought Galochka and was about to leave. That's how we met. But, even taken by surprise, he made a very pleasant impression.

Marina Yudashkina takes care of her grandson and supports young parents in every possible way, as Petr Maksakov told Hello in an interview:

Marina Vladimirovna, Galina's mother, immediately told us: "On the first night, as soon as you arrive home, immediately come running to me." And so it happened!

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