Exotic Star Children Names

Exotic Star Children Names
Exotic Star Children Names

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When a replenishment is expected in the family, parents think not only about buying the things necessary for the baby, but also about the name. Someone studies books on psychology, someone consults with relatives, someone asks for help with the choice of Internet users. The stars also want their heirs to have unusual, memorable and beautiful names, so among the children of celebrities there are boys and girls whose names are exotic.

1. Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova named her daughter Ariadna.

2. The daughter of actress Natalia Gromushkina is named Iliana.

3. The lead singer of the group "Hands Up" Sergei Zhukov chose the names Angel and Miron for his sons.

4. The children of the shocking actor and showman Nikita Dzhigurda and the figure skater Marina Anisina got complicated names: they have a daughter, Eva-Vlada, and a son, Mik-Angel-Christ. From a previous marriage, Nikita has two more sons, whose names are Artemy-Dobrovlad and Ilya-Maximilian.

5. Singer Alsou named her daughters Safin and Mikella.

6. The director Valeria Gai-Germanika has two daughters, who received names to match their mother's: Severina and Octavia.

7. Actress Anna Kovalchuk chose the names Zlata for her daughter and Dobrynya for her son.

8. Singer Svetlana Loboda decided that her daughter would be Evangeline.

9. Singer Eva Polna also abandoned common names and is raising daughters Amalia and Evelyn.

10. Singer Sergei Shnurov is the father of the daughter of Seraphima and the son of Apollo.

11. TV presenter Olga Shelest came up with rare names for daughters: Muse and Iris.

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