Dzhigurda Left Children Without Inheritance

Dzhigurda Left Children Without Inheritance
Dzhigurda Left Children Without Inheritance

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Video: Никита Джигурда о своём голосе, Высоцком, театре на Таганке и роли Сталина. Синемания 18/11/2020 2023, January

Nikita Dzhigurda, not for the first time suffering a hypertensive crisis during the trial, admitted to reporters that he had written a will. The shocking artist said that he left everything to Marina Anisina and their two children, thereby making it clear that he left the offspring from a previous marriage with nothing.

The other day in the Moscow City Court, another hearing was held in the case of the late business lady Lyudmila Bratash, who was the godmother to the children of eccentric actor Nikita Dzhigurda and figure skater Marina Anisina. Former spouses are fighting with Bratash's sister Svetlana Romanova for an impressive inheritance, which she allegedly bequeathed to the artist and athlete. It was not without kurtosis. Allegedly because of the "constant lies" of his opponents, as Nikita Dzhigurda said, his pressure sharply increased. Doctors were urgently summoned to the court.


As soon as the doctors pumped out the artist, he was at the disposal of the media. Nikita, who refused to be hospitalized, told reporters that he had already written a will. "I am warned that there may be a stroke. I survived a microstroke without a hospital. I wrote a will for Anisina and two children from Marina Anisina," said Nikita Dzhigurda in the program "You will not believe!"

Let's note. that the artist has two sons from a previous relationship with Yana Povelkovskaya. According to Dzhigurda, Anisina will determine their share of the inheritance. By the way, in a recent interview, the artist's former mother-in-law complained that Nikita does not remember his sons, 16-year-old Artemia and ten-year-old Ilya.

"For four years he has not paid any alimony. But we, knowing Nikitin's character, try not to bother him, or rather, not to excite him. Anyway, he has no money, no work. But he could talk to the children at least sometimes. Artemy told me that he wanted to the boy misses him. The grandson hoped that his father would wish him a Happy New Year, on his 16. At the end of last year I found Nikita's phone, talked to him. He promised to call. But so far he has not called. Otherwise, everything is calm with us, "the woman said in a recent interview.

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