Call Me With You: The Glory And Drama Of Tatyana Snezhina

Call Me With You: The Glory And Drama Of Tatyana Snezhina
Call Me With You: The Glory And Drama Of Tatyana Snezhina

Video: Call Me With You: The Glory And Drama Of Tatyana Snezhina

Video: Call Me With You: The Glory And Drama Of Tatyana Snezhina
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It so happened that the name of Tatiana Snezhina was recognized after her tragic departure. The fame for which she so persistently aspired to, came to her after her death.

Tatiana was born on May 14, 1972 in Lugansk (then Voroshilovgrad) in the family of the family of Senior Lieutenant Valery Pavlovich Pechenkin and the technologist of the local plant Tatiana Georgievna.

However, almost immediately after the birth of their daughter, the family left for Kamchatka, where Tatyana's childhood passed. In memory of the cold and beautiful land, she will take the pseudonym Snezhina.

Tatiana early became interested in music, played the piano superbly. In 1981, the family moved to Moscow. The girl is going through hard separation from childhood friends, new poems are fanned with sadness.

"And to replace the joyfully playful childish stanzas about" worms and insects "in the head, along with nightly tears for first love," which is there, far, in the land far and harsh ", sad and at the same time lyrical lines began to come."

Despite her poetic gift, Snezhina decided to become a doctor and entered the 2nd Moscow Medical Institute. Participating in local amateur performances, she gained the first fans of her talent. Students passed cassettes with an amateur recording to each other, but Tatiana remained known only in a narrow circle.

In 1991, the young poetess is going through a real shock - they kill the musician Igor Talkov, whom she deeply respects and considers her idol.

"And then HIS death. The death of the great Man and the Poet is the death of Igor Talkov, and dreams, dreams about him. How much has not yet been written, how much has not been sung. Why people so necessary for Russia leave early - Pushkin, Lermontov, Vysotsky, Talkov? Dreams dreamed prophetic, heavy. Shock, again a spiritual vacuum. I could not walk, think, write."

In 1992, Tatyana again had to change her place of residence. She and her family leave for Novosibirsk, where she enters the local medical institute. Here her work is already acquiring a recognizable individual style.

"Longing for everything that I have lost, as once again, longing that did not leave me day or night. And songs began to be born, this time I can say with confidence - songs, sometimes two or three per night. And outside the window is the same snow, maybe that's why I'm Snezhina - snow, cold, emptiness. And calls from the past, from afar, from Moscow from friends, from my brother: "We are with you. Write something new and come out."

At the end of 1993, Tatiana began recording her first album together with the Moscow music studio "KiS-S". She sings at discos, in clubs, performs in music competitions - in a word, she gains stage experience.

Despite the fact that the quality of the recording of the first album turns out to be low, Tatiana does not give up and sends it to various studios. So she met Sergei Bugaev, a music producer and head of the M & L Art studio. And although his preferences in music were much closer to rock, he is taken to help the talented singer. However, the first and last album by Snezhina will be released after her death. Creative collaboration develops into a novel, Sergei proposes to Tatiana. The wedding is scheduled for September 13th.

Together with friends, they leave for Gorny Altai for honey and sea buckthorn oil. On August 21, 1995, on the Chuisky tract, their minibus collided with a MAZ truck. Tatyana Snezhina, Sergei Bugaev and other passengers of the minibus were killed.

Tatiana was only 23 years old. On September 29 of the same year, her posthumous album was released. Her songs have entered the repertoire of many pop performers. Three times - in 1997, 1998 and 1999 - she became the laureate of "Song of the Year" posthumously.

The Silver Snowflake prize is named after Tatiana, which is awarded for helping young talents. In 1998, the peak of the Dzungar Alatau mountain range was named in her honor. One of the streets of Novosibirsk also bears her name. There is also a television competition for young pop song performers "Ordynka" dedicated to Snezhina and Bugaev.

Tatiana was buried at the Zaeltsovsky cemetery in Novosibirsk, but then her body was transported to Moscow. She rests at the Troekurovsky cemetery.

The most famous hit by Snezhina "Call me with you" was performed by Alla Pugacheva, and the clip with the participation of Elena Korikova comes out with a dedication to Tatyana. Tatiana's brother personally sent the recording of the song to Alla Pugacheva after the death of her sister, who included it in her album "Yes!" In 1997, the hit became a laureate of "Song of the Year 1997".

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